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About Our Founder & CEO, Tara-Nicholle Kirke

Tara-Nicholle Kirke is a creator, an uplifter and a three-time author, most recently of The Transformational Consumer.

Tara is the Founder and CEO of SoulTour, a personal growth school where leaders, creators and uplifters do their Inner Work. Tara created and leads SoulTour's 30 Day Writing Challenges and School of Upliftment.

Formerly, Tara was an attorney, an Entrepreneur in Residence with Lightspeed Venture Partners and the chief marketer for MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Connected Fitness, the world’s largest digital health platform.

Tara is a sought-after speaker at events like SxSw and Wanderlust, and she’s been featured in The New York Times, Essence, Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

Recently, Tara was named the #1 woman Silicon Valley tech companies should be naming to their boards by Business Insider and one of the world’s Top Conscious Business Leaders by Conscious Company Magazine.

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