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With Tara-Nicholle Kirke, MA, Esq., The Inner Critic Coach™

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In Just 90 Minutes You’ll Discover:

When your inner struggles began

We’ll uncover the root of your limiting beliefs and the impact the culture you grew up in, your childhood and the trauma you've experienced has impacted you’ve life and stunted your growth and held you back in life.

How to go from an Electric Fence Mindset to Self-Trusting Mindset

We’ll discover what an Electric Fence Mindset is, why most high performers have one and how letting go of this fearful, scarcity-based mindset and learning to trust in our Inner Wisdom can help us finally live up to our true potential.

Why reparenting yourself is the key to reclaiming your sovereignty

We’ll identify our inner repressive parents and recalibrate our mind to become a more nurturing, respectful parent to help us realise our gifts and free ourselves from internal criticism and judgement. Allowing us to realign with our true self.

How to resolve your inner conflicts in order to live a highly aligned life

Finally, we’ll discover how regaining control over your Inner Critic is the key to uncovering a powerful, unresisted focus, removing the brakes on your potential, and creating a life free from limitations. Allowing you to think, dream and act without any internal blockages for the first time in your life.

and so much more...

Tara is a sought-after speaker at conferences worldwide
As a well-respected Author, Tara's books speak for themselves with exceptional reviews.
Tara’s latest book, The Transformational Consumer, has five stars on Amazon

Who is

Tara-Nicholle Kirke, The Inner Critic Coach™

Tara is a globally-recognized transformation expert, the Inner Critic Coach and the CEO of SoulTour’s School of Spiritual Strategy, where smart successful people learn how to stop hiding their light and holding themselves back.


Known as the author of The Transformational Consumer and “The Woman Behind MyFitnessPal” from her time as CMO of the world’s largest health and fitness app, Tara’s thought leadership and spiritual leadership has garnered massive respect and authority from every corner of the globe and the transformation industry.


Her work has been featured across the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider and many more.

After 25 years in the transformation business, Tara’s radically liberating content, visionary curriculums and transformational coaching have impacted millions of lives across the globe.


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What Others Had to Say About Tara

Julia Graves

“People keep telling me how much I've changed over the last few months, and it's true. I used to plan everything. I would never have contemplated doing something like moving to Spain without having my future mapped out in minute detail. But once I started working with Tara, I started to change. And yesterday, I made the move!”

Julia Graves
tony clemendor

"Since working with Tara I’ve become a content creator, am about to write my first book, and am working on developing an online course. I feel better about my work, love my clients, and feel like I’m having a greater impact than I was previously.”

Tony Clemendor
janohn bowen

"I didn't know what to expect. I knew I would be amongst a group of folks who were intentional about transforming their lives. I didn't think that I would learn something so deep so quickly. By acknowledging who I am and being confident about it, I radiate in a way that is different than before…”

JaNohn Bowen
Sheila Roby

“I seem to be growing internally faster than I knew possible. I am very different and I have been told this by my close family and friends. People are constantly commenting on it and thanking me for just being me. Life is just flowing! I got a job offer that agreed to what I needed (which was to wait until after the new year to start) and then they called me back and gave me a raise that I didn't even ask for!”

Sheila Roby

"Tara not only calmed my nerves but she also made me money! I met Tara at a time when I was going through big life transitions around health, work, and even long term life goals. I feel like a different human because of the work I have done with Tara”

Deepa Purushothaman
Santosha Padfield

"I am developing consistent practices and those practices are helping me to create the life I want. I am getting clarity on what it is that I want. My daily thinking patterns are changing from seeing the world through a very negative scope to being positive and learning to cope with things that show up as disappointments. I am learning how to do life."

Santosha Padfield
Aparna Majmudar

"I am already a better version of me… I've landed my dream job which starts on Monday! I've been so deeply unfulfilled in my old job for years — it felt like the death of my soul. The new one feels expansive and exciting (my two favorite feelings) and it has the potential to connect all the dots of my life. It feels just amazing!"

Aparna Majmudhar
DrEvie Headshot

“Through my work with Tara, the voice of my Inner Critic has been replaced by the voice of my Inner Wise Woman. Rather than simply reacting to my past, I am creating my desired future and growing myself into the version of me I want to be.”

Dr. Evelyn Young
Portrait of Emma McKay

"Tara helped me tame my Inner Critic. Since I started working with Tara, I've changed the way I think about myself -- I'm no longer a victim. She helped me establish a routine that brought the sacred to my everyday life. I no longer feel dominated by my old "knee-jerk" reactions."

Emma McKay

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