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Q. Where should I stay during the conference? How much are rooms? 

As soon as you register and get your seat, you'll be emailed the link to our hotel room block at the Claremont ($440/night, though rates are subject to change).

We'll also email you a list of alternative nearby accommodation options, most of which are significantly lower-priced and all of which are an easy Uber or Lyft ride over to the venue.

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Q: I'm so busy right now, I'm not sure I can squeeze another thing in.

Those are the thoughts of someone in deep need of a recalibration retreat, my friend.

If you want the kind of coach who just gives you a bunch of action and accountability items, there are many, many other coaches for that kind of thing.

Tara is the leading Metaphysician of our times, and a Master Money and Business Breakthrough Coach.

And she says this: What got you to the success you have in life now, will not get you to the radically liberated, highly aligned life of big love, big money, big ease and magical opportunities showering down upon you that is in the cards for you.

To get from here to there is not about taking more on, cramming more into your calendar, or doing more things.

Because once you get to the level you’re already at, there are really only two reasons you haven’t yet created what you want:

You are trying to create in a way that’s not right for you—not true to your unique spirit, personality, callings, archetypal wiring and human design.

Because of your conditioning and programming, you are pouring your time, life force and energy into creating a career or life story that you don’t really want, because you don’t truly believe you can have what you want. (That’s what I call a “shadow career” or a “band-aid manifestation”.)

That’s why I’ve created UPGRADE at this exact moment in time.

Not to give you MORE to do.

To upgrade and re-align the WAY you are creating so that it lines up with the True, Most Powerful Version of You—a version of you you might not ever have met or tapped into yet.

To upgrade the vision, the story and the language of who you are and what you’re creating, so that you fearlessly flow your life force into this new story.

Language has power.. It can change DNA and it can change your life, if you wield it masterfully. (I’ll show you how.)

And to do it in time for you to start manifesting everything you’ve been calling in… playfully, joyfully, rapidly and with rollicking, magical levels of SUCCESS.

Let's be real: one of the reasons the same people pay to be in my programs year-after-year is that they know I'm a radical solutionary... and they know I’ll tell you the truth.

And the truth I’m telling you now is this: You are not as prepared as you need to be for ALL of the things that you have been asking for the past 3 years.

There are parts of your destiny which, if they happened for you in 2023, you would not be ready to let them in. You might not even see them if they bit you on the ass.

For somebody reading this, the opportunity you’ve been wanting IS biting you on the ass right now, and you can’t see it. You can’t receive it.

And you know that.

The good news is that it won’t take me long to get you ready and receptive—spiritually and strategically—for everything that you’ve called in.

It’ll take exactly 3 days.

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Q:  It HAS been a rough few years, right? I really want to be in a place where my struggle is normalized and celebrated. 

I created UPGRADE to shake the old stagnant energy off, get together in a room, and craft and call into existence what we want next year.

PLEASE NOTE: UPGRADE is NOT a trauma bonding experience. That ain’t where I’m at right now.

This is a shake-it-off, fresh-and-new, energy cleanse and frequency raise.

This is a celebration and invocation of magic. A REACTIVATION of the highest levels of your unique, personal magic.

And all of that will happen before we even dive into the tools I’m teaching.

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Q: I'm already living my best life, though. 

We love to hear it. And it's true: UPGRADE is really designed for people who desire more happiness, success, abundance, alignment, ease, magic and joy in their lives.

But this experience is designed for people who already know they are great, and are already successful. They just know there's still some untapped goodness in there to get out.

Think of it like you're upgrading from the Gold Card to the Black Card, or from Business Class to First Class.

This is for you if you're already on the plane, but you know there is actually something higher than #1, to quote the philosopher-King Jay-Z.

Tara says:
When I started using the Master Keys I’m teaching at UPGRADE, my signal became so damn CLEAR.

The opportunities, people and resources who started showing up in my life were SO ON POINT, it has truly changed everything for me.

And keep in mind, my life was already really damn good. If you had asked me then, I’d have said I already was living my best life.

But now I can look back and say I had no idea how good things could even get for me. I hadn't even yet dreamed the delectable dream I'm living now.

Because my imagination and my identity at the time were big, but not as big as they were about to get.

And you know what: I’m STILL EXPANDING. If you are still expanding too, UPGRADE is for you.

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Q: When does registration close? 

Our intention is to close General Registration and raise the price for Late Registration on October 6th.

However, as of September 20th, we are on track to sell out and the hotel is on track to have rooms fully booked this week.

More importantly, often this question comes up when your inner resistance to your own highest good takes the form of delaying making a commitment.

Here's what Tara says about that:
Whether you know it or not, you are making choices and decisions right now, even if your decision is to dither or delay making a decision.

That IS a decision. Procrastination is a commitment.

You are choosing to invest in your growth and your dreams… or you are choosing to keep doing the same thing:

  • To keep having a ton of brilliant but unmanifested ideas
  • To keep making your own personal destiny a second or third priority to “work stuff”, when you’re already performing in the top 1% at work
  • To keep spinning on which passion projects to do or stressing about “how” to do them
  • To keep fondling your fears
  • To keep setting goals that are out of alignment with how you really want to live
  • To keep feeling the pressure build of all the greatness you have inside that you haven’t yet committed to let OUT. 

Fortunately, once you make even the smallest commitment and investment in your own dreams, All That Is takes notice and starts making moves, too. 

The pressure starts to dissipate.

The assistance starts to show up.

The phone starts to ring.

You get all sorts of energy and find time you didn’t think you had.

You get access to parts of yourself you didn’t know were there. No lie.

When I started using the Master Keys I’m teaching at UPGRADE? My signal became so damn CLEAR.

The people who started showing up in my life were SO ON POINT, it has truly changed everything for me. And keep in mind, my life was already really damn good. If you had asked me then, I’d have said I already was living my best life.

But now I can look back and say I had no idea how good things could even get for me. And I’m STILL EXPANDING.


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