Are you ready to upgrade your inner wellbeing… and level up your life?

Feel great inside, every day. Become your best self. Learn to live wholeheartedly.  

Build the habits of inner wellbeing while you get healthier, wealthier and wiser with a year of:

You’re smart and spiritual. Conscious and ambitious.

Does this sound like you?

You’d love to feel like you’re living your best life.  

You’d love to have a fit, healthy body and deeply satisfying relationships.  

You’d love to feel clear on your purpose and clear in your mind.  

You’d like to do meaningful work you’re great at… and be financially successful as a result.

You’d love the freedom and power to bring your uplifting creative and business ideas to life, 

without getting blocked or stuck.  

You’d love to write more. To connect more. To speak up more. To communicate more clearly.  

In fact, you’d love to radiate wellbeing and influence others by modeling consciousness and clarity in your thoughts, words and actions.  

The keyword here is clarity.

Because you love the feeling of focus.  

You love the feeling of flow.  

You love to feel like you’re making progress. Growing. Succeeding.

But the truth is, you’ve found it difficult to consistently do the things that help you feel focused and be your best.

Things like meditating, journaling, exercising and eating well.  

And more often than you’d like, your negative thoughts, worries and memories of the past get the best of you.  

Sometimes self-doubt and fear stop you from doing what you really want to do and saying what you really want to say. 

Sometimes life gets in the way and blows up your plans. 

It would really change things if you felt like you had more control of your thoughts, your emotions and your actions.  

It’d be such a relief if you could just feel good in your own mind and body more often… if you could get into the flow more. It’d be so good if you could consistently do your best — without having to juggle so much and struggle so hard. It’d be wonderful to make more money and have the time to enjoy it. Wonderful to have soul-filling, life-affirming habits that have become just as easy and automatic as brushing your teeth. You would really be living your best life if you could feel deeply good inside and be successful in the outside world, too. And you’d love to stop hitting the same invisible inner limits and roadblocks over and over again. Then, you could consistently act on your best ideas without second guessing yourself, sabotaging yourself, talking yourself out of it or rehashing your past failures. And you know, deep down, that if you could more consistently think good thoughts and take good actions, you’d make major progress in every area of your life. 

If this sounds like you, congratulations are in order.  

You’re in the perfect place at the perfect time.

And I know what it feels like to have that nagging feeling that you are destined to live a wonderful life, while your actual life is pretty different from the #bestlife you imagine.  

I know from experience. 

Once upon a time, I was a teen Mom on a mission to prove to the world that I hadn’t totally screwed my life up.  

I listed out all the things I wanted to change about my life and set out to “fix” my problems, one by one.  

I wanted all the same things you probably want: To lose weight, make more money, find and fall in love. I wanted a life of adventure. I wanted to write books and speak and travel the world. 

I also wanted to do meaningful work with unlimited earning potential.  

No big deal.  

So I read every book and magazine on life transformation. I got a Master’s degree in Psychology. I created vision boards. I read everything there was to know about habits and willpower. And I used great force and discipline to “make things happen”.  

And it worked!  

Well, kind of.  

I lost 60 pounds. Got married a couple of times. Got into and graduated from law school. Wrote a book. I had a “great career”... on the outside.  

But, not far beneath the surface, I was still unhappy.  

I looked super successful on the outside, but I felt a constant, low-grade drumbeat of anxiety and fear on the inside. 

My negative inner narratives said I had to work my heart out, micro-manage the world, micro-manage my life and do everything perfectly or Very Bad Things would happen.  

So I would procrastinate on my best, most creative ideas, paralyzed by perfectionism, overthinking, the breath-holding fear of criticism, and the dreadful dictates of my Inner Critic.  

What’s worse, I felt strangled, repressed and constricted by the very life I’d created with all my effort.  

Then came 2008: the real estate recession. I lost my house. My kids started getting into all kinds of trouble. My marriage fell apart. I had a series of health issues.  

That was the year my Shit Hit The Fan.  

And I’m so glad it did. 

Because that was the year I decided that feeling good inside was the only thing that mattered.  

That was the year I realized that without caring for my soul, I would always feel scarcity, unworthiness, fear and that creeping sense of falling behind in life.  

That was the year I realized that all the very best practices and hacks and tips and tricks for transforming your life, without spiritual practice and connection, just don’t work.  

And that was the year I fell to my knees. I prayed and meditated. I began to write every day, as a spiritual practice. I studied all the wisdom traditions of the world. 

I had an inner revolution.  

I let go of anxiety as a lifestyle. I deactivated old fears. I trial-and-errored my way into a Daily Ritual that unlocked an inner reservoir of love, wellbeing and clarity that I had never known was even possible.  

I started to wake up eager, instead of dreading the day ahead.  

I call these rituals, mindsets and practices “Inner Wellbeing”. It’s what makes the difference between a life that looks good to others and a life you love to live.  

The thing about Inner Wellbeing is that it changes your outer world, too. That’s exactly what happened to me.  

I kept my weight off and rediscovered the joy of food.  

I stopped micromanaging my life.  

I fell in love with a wonderful, brilliant man.  

I poured out a book in six weeks that turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever written.  

I grew bolder. More decisive. Clearer in my thinking and speaking.  

My income doubled, year after year.  

My career exploded, and I got my dream job leading marketing at MyFitnessPal, where I refined my expertise on what does and doesn’t work to create lasting life transformation.  

You need the spiritual and the practical.  

You need daily spiritual connection, not an occasional kickstart. 

You need Inner Wellbeing — upgraded, uplifted thoughts, emotions, actions and inner narratives — to transform your outer life without hard force, self-shaming or harsh, unsustainable discipline.  

I created The School of Spiritual Strategy™ to share what I now know.  

There are two things most people know would change their lives:

1. Being able to stick with the habits of wellbeing, and

2. Being able to make continuous progress on the life areas that matter to them. 

I’ve now led over 12,000 brilliant, beautiful, awakening people around the world to:

Practice and stick with my proven Daily Ritual of Inner Wellbeing, and to

Take a guided journey of inspired action and progress in every area of their lives.

As a result, my students have upgraded their lives in wonderful ways:

 They wake up eager to start the day

 They’ve found meaningful work that aligns with their purpose

 They’ve gotten clear on what their purpose actually is

 They’ve stopped playing small and gotten promoted at work

 They’ve found love and reinvigorated their marriages

 They’ve started businesses and blogs

 They’ve fallen back in love with themselves and their bodies

 They’ve written books and directed plays, and

 They’ve generally created whole lives they love to look at. 

The habits of our minds, bodies and spirits create our Inner Wellbeing — and have a massive impact on our outer world.

I know which rituals, habits and practices work to unlock Inner Wellbeing and transform your outer life.  

Now, I’m here to coach and guide you through them — starting with your Daily Ritual, so you can feel calm, uplifted and clear inside from our very first day together.

How productive would you be if you woke up, rolled out of bed every day and had someone lovingly guide you through a grounding, energizing morning ritual to clear your mind before the chaos of the world gets to you?  

Can you even imagine the new levels you’d reach if you could rewire your negative thoughts and beliefs with new-and-improved storylines?  

Envision how powerful you’d feel And envision what you could be, do, create and have if you could live beyond fear, anxiety, trauma and self-doubt.  

Instead of feeling stuck, you can make consistent progress in your life while becoming wiser, finding your voice and radically accepting yourself.  

You can trade the struggle with your own thoughts for the steady inspiration of a growth journey with daily guidance all along the way. 

That’s the power of Inner Wellbeing.  



The School of Spiritual Strategy™

Feel clear and uplifted everyday. Become your best self. Learn to live wholeheartedly.

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ is a yearlong, interactive online membership program that upgrades your thoughts, emotions and actions so you feel great inside every day while making progress in your outer life.

Whether you’re a spiritual person who wants to create a whole life you love or you’re a lifelong seeker ready to realign your life with your purpose, The School coaches you to learn the skills and stick with the habits of Inner Wellbeing.  

As you start feeling clear and uplifted inside, The School guides you through a series of transformational lessons and actions in different areas of your life, focusing on one area per month.

During one year in the SOU, you’ll focus on every area of your life.  

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ sparks big-time progress on the life issues that matter to you:  

  • You’ll create a body and home that feel good
  • You’ll have loving relationships
  • You’ll have meaningful work and financial abundance
  • You’ll be more creative and productive than ever
  • You’ll release old blocks around love, money, creative flow and success... and you’ll take this journey at a pace that works for you.

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ is like a gym membership for your inner wellbeing that upgrades every area of your life.

Through daily prompts and audios plus weekly live sessions, we'll guide you to create a whole life you love.

You Will:

Feel clear and uplifted every day as you build your Daily Ritual with prompts and guidance from me, six days a week. Soon, your Daily Ritual will be as automatic as brushing your teeth, but way more enjoyable.

Learn how to get unstuck and make big-time progress on your health, finances, love life, wisdom, career, creativity and self-expression in a visible, graceful, wonderful way. 

Rewire your negative inner narratives to release scarcity and fear-based patterns, replacing them with empowering spiritual frameworks and practical skills. 

Develop clear, consistent focus on your purpose, and start learning to hear and follow your own Inner Guidance.

Spark creative flow and joyful productivity regularly, then consistently, over time. 

Learn powerful reframes, mindsets and skills to create a life that works for you.

Find freedom from past regrets, worries and limitations, plus your fears and anxieties about the future!

Become more confident, energized and optimistic, as you distill deep meaning from past hurts and disappointments.

Stop holding your breath, clenching your teeth and feeling chronically behind, so you can relax and wholeheartedly participate in life.

Spark transformation from a place of Radical Acceptance, newfound self-love and deep connection — with our teachers, our community and with All That Is.

Start bringing 100% of yourself to the world, withholding nothing.

Are you ready to create a whole life you love to look at? 

Health. Wealth. Love. Wisdom. Self-expression. At home and at work.  

Join The School of Spiritual Strategy™.

I am already a better version of me… I landed my dream job!

I've landed my dream job which starts on Monday! I've been so deeply unfulfilled in my old job for years — it felt like the death of my soul. The new one feels expansive and exciting (my two favorite feelings) and it has the potential to connect all the dots of my life. It feels just amazing!  

I've always had the deeply held belief that I would be someone great. The School shines the light on the steps to become that vision I have for myself. At the same time The School provides comfort that I am exactly where I should be right now. All is well in my world, and for the first time I truly see, feel, and believe it.  

~ Aparna Majmudar

The morning practice has helped me become calm inside...I seem to be growing faster than I knew was possible!

The morning practice has helped me become calm inside. I was very good at faking it on the outside but now I am calm inside and out. Things have happened that were nerve-wracking but my nerves were calm and my joy remains on HIGH!!!  

The Daily Declarations have literally changed my world and my inner dialogue.  

I seem to be growing internally faster than I knew possible. I am very different and I have been told this by my close family and friends. People are constantly commenting on it and thanking me for just being me. 

The words that come out of my mouth are so uplifting to others.  

Life is flowing! I got a job offer that agreed to what I needed (which was to wait until after the new year to start) and then they called me back and gave me a raise that I didn't even ask for! 

~ Sheila Roby

I now feel much more self-confident and less anxious about the future...I am now following my dreams!

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ has helped me to get through a period of depression and anxiety and to see things with more clarity. I now feel much more self-confident and less anxious about the future. In fact, I am now following my dreams!  

~ Julia Graves

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How It Works

It all starts with the Daily Ritual.

Monday through Friday, you'll receive an uplifting email that walks you through a recurring ritual with fresh, enlightening content you can read or listen to. After your initial Onramp period, each Daily Ritual has 4, proven components: 

  • A guided, energizing meditation
  • A transformational writing prompt for journaling and reflection.
  • Powerful Daily Declarations to listen to or read
  • Guidance for a few moments of physical movement 

On weekdays...

You'll start building the Daily Ritual muscle, step by step. 

Monday to Friday you will receive guided Daily Rituals by email, 5 days a week. 

On Saturdays...

You will receive our Sacred Space email, with a longer guided practice and a curated set of 7 suggestions to make your weekend a recharge station for your soul.

Your first month is an "Onramp"

You will ease into your first month of transformation gradually, with a guided Spiritual Status Check, baby steps into the Daily Ritual and a two-part class on the Foundations of Spiritual Wellbeing.  

Monthly life calendar creates focus

We focus on a different area of your life every month. Daily Emails, Weekly Live Classes and Sessions, Writing Prompts and Book of the Month all align to the monthly focus.

Friday live classes & group coaching

These sessions (and replays!) guide you through a proven process to upgrade your health, finances, love, career and self-expression.  

Tara and her guests help you get clear on what you want your life to look like and start making inspired progress in that direction, one subject at a time.  

You’ll systematically release resistance and negative inner narratives and rewire them with spiritual and practical systems, skills and frameworks.

Private online Archives and Community

Private, online community of smart, conscious people like you intentionally transforming their lives all over the world (not on Facebook!)  

You'll have access to all the Live Session replays, Daily Rituals, meditations and other materials in our Archives as long you're in the SOU.

Quarterly challenges

These optional Quarterly Challenges spark intensive progress on your real-life goals.

Book of the month study groups

Optional study groups spark deeper learning and connection. Meet online with other The School students to discuss 12 life-changing books on leadership, spirituality, psychology, behavioral science and philosophy. 

The result?

Continuous progress in every area of your real life over one year in the School. Break old holding patterns and radiate your new reality. You’ll think differently, speak differently, act differently and watch other people treat you differently as you radiate inner wellbeing and your outer life transforms.  

Your freedom, growth and joy will be contagious!

Why You'll Love It

New habits that feel great...and stick!

You’ll feel uplifted and clearer than ever, from Day One in the SOU. Like no other program, we’ll prompt you through your Daily Ritual so you’ll stick with it, maybe for the first time ever.

Focused, flexible process

Make steady progress along your journey at a pace you choose, once you start hearing your Inner Guidance. We’ll provide suggestions for modifying the pace to suit your life.

Spiritually strategic and systematic

Spiritual and practical, every element of The School is optimized to create more freedom, growth and joy in every area of your life. Lessons build on each other in a growth-sparking way.

Proven life progress people will notice

You’ll make purpose-driven moves forward in life freely and easily. You’ll learn how to release Resistance when it arises, and watch your health, wealth, relationships and career thrive.

Wisdom that resonates

Deep calls unto deep. Every element of The School is grounded in deep wisdom, the laws of the Universe, love and Radical Acceptance.

Freedom from the past

You’ll break free from the bondage of past regrets, fears, failures and traumas, and see how they prepared you for your future destiny and greatness. 

No more self-help shame spiral

We coach you to release strict self-mastery,perfectionism and self-judgment, rewiring your critical self-talk with self-love and reconnection with yourself, others and All That Is. 

Tools you can use over and over

You’ll practice powerful spiritual frameworks, life skills and a five-stage cycle of transformation you can use to create anything you want, anytime you want. 

The daily nature of the process reinforces incremental progress.

I was stuck in a self induced rut. I'd started meditating and writing daily, but The School gave me direction that I find meaningful.  

Anyone can read a book (and this would make a great book), but it is the daily practice and awareness that reinforces the principles.  

Ass in chair, do the work. Trust the process.  

~ Jim Carlson

These practices are helping me to create the life I want.

This program is everything. I am so grateful for Tara creating it. Every day I get something new. I am developing consistent practices and these practices are helping me to create the life I want. 

~ Santosha Padfield

Personally, I have been having more fun and professionally, I am finishing projects I put on the back burner a while ago.

The School is a comprehensive, self-care program where we learn to release limiting beliefs, rediscover yourself and walk in purpose.  

I love this, especially the joy I feel for me. So happy this space was created for us. 🤗  

~ Dequiana Jackson

The School has been a great blessing to me.

For me it has been the right program at the right time. Certain lessons arrive just when I’m dealing with a directly applicable issue. I see the replay answering my class question right when I’m dealing with the issue I asked about.  

This is my 3rd online personal development class and is by far the most content rich — like it’s not even close.  

What I love most is the daily reiteration of hope, of possibility, of positivity. We reframe things through a positive and hopeful lens.  

I recommend the school for anyone who needs help reframing, refocusing negative thinking, limiting beliefs, any type of scarcity stories that you need to rework and upgrade. 

~ Olivia Bethea

Monthly Calendar of Focus

NOTE: You will work through Month One Onramp content your first month, regardless of start date. After your first month, you will join the ongoing Focus Calendar. 

Plus These Bonuses!

  • Your own personal, two-Week Spiritual Status Check
  • Two-Part Intensive Class on the Foundations of Spiritual Wellbeing 
  • My Big List of 90 Powerful, Optimized Intentions for 2019
  • Access to The School of Spiritual Strategy™ Daily Ritual Archives, with Hundreds of Text and Audio Meditations, Writing Prompts and Daily Declarations 
  • Library of Audio Blessings, words spoken by Tara to bless your life and upgrade your energy
  • Access to The School of Spiritual Strategy™ MasterClass Archives with Dozens of Videos on Life Transitions, Prosperity, Clarity, Purpose and More!
  • Inner Critic MasterClass: A Two-Hour Intensive to Understand and Unwind Fear so you can mute your Inner Critic and free your Inner Genius! 

Here's everything you get when you sign up: 

Daily Ritual Emails Monday through Friday

Sent 5 days a week at midnight Pacific!

Sacred Space Email on Saturday

These beloved emails turn your weekend into a recharge station for your soul.

Friday Live Group Sessions

Four Fridays a month, live group sessions to learn new frameworks, release Resistance and upgrade your energy. (Replays available same-day.)

Book of the Month Study Groups

Deepen your connection studying one life-changing book every month with your small group.

Quarterly Challenges

These optional Challenges implement your learnings in a real-life growth sprint.

Monthly Calendar of Focus

Devote one month of clear focus and learning to each area of your life.

Plus these bonuses:

Spiritual Status Check

Month One Onramp Program

Foundations of Spiritual Wellbeing

The Big List of Intentions

Access to Daily Ritual Archives: Meditations, Writing Prompts, etc.

Library of Blessings

Access to MasterClass Archives: Dozens of Master Classes, Group Coaching Sessions and Guided Visualization Replays

Inner Critic Intensive: A 2-hour deep dive into fear and how to mute your Inner Critic

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ enrollment is now closed

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Probably my most valuable resource that I will not part with.

I decided to quit my job that I had for 16 years. I decided that I was tired of feeling tired.  

I had been part of Tara's writing challenges and courses for a couple of years. All my interactions with her work were really inspiring and provocative and growth-building.  

I felt like, boy, if I'm going to jump off into this huge abyss called my next self, I really want the energy of Tara there with me, partnering and bringing me along.  

So, it was a leap of faith. It was more money than I certainly could afford since I had just quit my job, but The School of Spiritual Strategy™ is probably my most valuable resource that I will not part with.  

~ Meredith Vaish

I’ve altered my work to be better aligned with the things that inspire and energize me.  

I would never have guessed that the combination of Tara’s journaling exercises, her daily prompts, and the circumstances of my life would create an unexpectedly profound metamorphosis. 

Her guidance got me to ask questions that challenged my self-image and led me to make positive changes. 

I’ve become a content creator, am about to write my first book, and am working on developing an online course. I feel better about my work, love my clients, and feel like I’m having a greater impact than I was previously.  

I am not only happier day to day, but feel like I am more resilient. 

I’m genuinely surprised at how much Tara has impacted my life in such a short time. I am profoundly grateful.

~ Tony Clemendor 

I start and end my day on high notes yet without always being on edge. I have become more present and involved in my life.

The School has helped me gain calm and clarity while learning to love and allow graceful transformation to occur in my life. I have become more present and involved in my life. I have learned practices that help me start and end my day on high notes yet without always being on edge.  

I am seeing my words come alive and drama diminish. It has helped me to understand what was going on with me inside.  

~ Sheila Roby

So much in my life has changed recently because of my own change in attitude and outlook due to The School of Spiritual Strategy™.

People keep telling me how much I've changed over the last few months, and it's true. I used to plan everything. I would never have contemplated doing something like moving to Spain without having my future mapped out in minute detail.  

But once I enrolled in The School of Spiritual Strategy™, I started to change. And yesterday, I made the move!  

Previously, that would have been a source of worry. But now I can just take things as they come, and trust that everything is always working out for me.  

So much in my life has changed, all because of my own change in attitude and outlook. That's down to Tara, and The School of Spiritual Strategy™.

~ Julia Graves 

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ has exceeded my expectations. The Daily Declarations are amazing. I needed this like so bad!

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ has exceeded my expectations. Tara's exercises make me think about how I behave react, think and maneuver day-to-day. This has helped me identify gaps and take accountability. I have learned self-expression and value through the writing prompts. The Daily Declarations are amazing. I needed this like so bad!  

~ Farrah Blakeley

This person I'm becoming is actually the person that I've always imagined and hoped myself to be.

Prior to the School, I had a regular meditation practice for about a year, and I was consuming A LOT of spiritual and personal development books.The challenge was that I wasn't able to integrate the concepts and ideas that I was learning into my everyday life.  

As a result of being in the School, I think differently, I speak differently, I act differently. I feel more at home, more welcome in myself. My career and creativity have both had huge upsurges and movement in the direction I want. I also have a much greater sense of inner well-being and trust in the universe.  

I've also been able to apply this to my husband (most of the time) and our interactions are lighter, more playful!”  

This person that I'm becoming is freer, lighter, and more unapologetic, and inspired, and happier. Honestly, I give thanks to Tara and The School of Spiritual Strategy™ for helping me find her. 

~ Aparna Majmudar

I'm realizing that the focus from the morning is trickling out into the rest of my day, so I love it!

I'd been having issues with procrastination and commitment. So I thought I'd do Tara’s 10 day Writing Challenge to gain some momentum in that area. After 10 days, I realized that I was really enjoying the morning prompts that she sends, to sort of set your mind right, to kick start your day.  

In ethe School, our Daily Ritual emails include a small meditation, some hints and tips for your journaling, and then some light exercises to sort of get yourself all aligned and ready to tackle your day, whatever that means for you. I've become addicted to those. I'm really enjoying them.  

It's starting to become a habit, which is great.  

The last few weeks, I've realized that the focus from the morning is actually trickling out into the rest of my day, so I love it! I highly recommend checking it out. It's kind of great. 

~ Jenny Moss

I recommend The School of Spiritual Strategy™ for anyone who is ready to lead the life they were always meant to lead.

In The School of Spiritual Strategy™ I am finally being given tools that I can work with.  

I can handle disappointments better. I can handle not being heard. I can handle not being understood. I don't have this insatiable need to be right anymore. And when I'm wrong or make a mistake, it's not a devastating life-ending event. I have more compassion and more patience for people and their imperfections.  

I recommend The School of Spiritual Strategy™ for anyone who is ready to lead the life they were always meant to lead. 

~ Christine Casillas

About Your Guide

Tara-Nicholle Nelson is a transformation expert, entrepreneur, Buddhist black church lady and born uplifter.  

Tara is the Founder and CEO of SoulTour — a public benefit corp. and personal growth school on a mission to help 100 million people care for their souls. She has helped over 12,000 people level up their lives through her Writing Challenges, transformation courses and SoulTour’s cornerstone program: The School of Spiritual Strategy™.  

Before SoulTour, Tara was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lightspeed Venture Partners, the original investors in Snapchat. And before that, she was the chief marketer for MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Connected Fitness: the world’s largest digital health platform.  

In her two years there, MyFitnessPal grew from 45 million to 120 million users and went from raising an $18 million investment to being acquired by Under Armour for $475 million.  

The most recent of Tara’s three books is a five-star book full of business, marketing, leadership and consumer insights from her career working with transformational startups and brands like MyFitnessPal, HGTV, Eventbrite, ING Direct, Chegg, ModCloth, Bonobos, Specialized Bicycles and real estate search engine  

It's called The Transformational Consumer: Fuel a Lifelong Love Affair with Customers by Helping Them Get Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser (Berrett-Koehler, 2016).

A former teen Mom, recovering attorney and well-trained pug servant, Tara's been featured in Harvard Business Review, Essence and The New York Times (though her Mom was only really impressed by Essence).  

Tara was recently named the #1 woman Silicon Valley tech companies should be naming to their boards by Business Insider.  

Meet the SoulTour Team

Special Guests

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SoulTour In-House Team 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The School is 100% online. You'll receive all of our daily content directly in your inbox via email and weekly live video sessions occur via Zoom which you can join by computer or phone. Additionally, your membership includes access to our online community and classroom for the School. It is a private, password protected community to connect with fellow like-minded souls. On the same platform, you'll also have access to our "online classroom" where you can access an archive of all the past history of the School.

Yes - all live sessions will be recorded and replays available to participants in both video and audio format in the online classroom.

Both are correct! There is a monthly curriculum based on a one-year calendar of focus, during which we will devote one month of clear focus and learning to each area of your life. So the program is a guided journey: it's like a course in that sense.

But unlike a static course, we deliver fresh, new content every day, every month and every year. There's not a single set of videos or posts that we just recycle every year. We'll just keep building and creating, together. It's more like a subscription/membership program in that sense.

That's up to you! The purpose of the School is to help you develop a daily ritual of spiritual self care that works for you, and while we generally recommend you to spend 20 minutes in meditation and 20 minutes journaling each day, we know life gets real sometimes and some days you may only have 5 minutes. The program takes that into account, and is optimized to work so long as you make the minimum commitment to read the emails. There is new content every day and no need to ever "catch up".

The objective of our journey is increased freedom, growth and joy. Not increased stress, or that feeling of chore. I want you to feel free to dial your intake up and down, depending on the time you have and what you find resonant. You get to choose.

Yes! For those ready to dive deep and spend at least a year in the School, you can save $199 (27%) with an annual membership. Reserve your annual membership here.

You will be charged when you register. If you choose a monthly subscription, the charge will recur on the last day of each month.

If you subscribe for 12 months and you do the work (meaning: you open at least 75% of our emails, you practice your own daily ritual, you do at least 2 quarterly Challenges and you attend or watch at least 50% of the live sessions) and you are still not satisfied with your personal growth and spiritual development at the end of those 12 months, we will refund your entire year's subscription fees.

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ enrollment is now closed

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It strengthens your soul ... I listen to the Daily Declarations on the way to work every day. 

The School of Spiritual Strategy™ has exceeded my expectations. It strengthens your soul and helps you become the person you were meant to be while exploring different avenues such as writing, meditation, and reading.  

I really like the writing prompts and meditation. I listen to the Daily Declarations on the way to work every day. I really love the book club. I look forward to your emails.  

~ Laura Munkel

I radiate in a way that is different than before my attendance in the SOU.

I didn't know what to expect. I knew I would be amongst a group of folks who were intentional about transforming their lives. I didn't think that I would learn something so deep so quickly. THAT is the shocker! By acknowledging who I am and being confident about it, I radiate in a way that is different than before my attendance in the SOU. ~ JaNohn Bowen

After Just 30 Days in The School:

  • 100% of students said The School of Spiritual Strategy™ helped them create a more consistent morning ritual or do self-care activities more frequently
  • 92% said their self-worth and self-love have increased
  • 71% of students said they are more confident 
  • 92% said their ability to hear their own Inner Guidance and inspiration increased
  • 79% said they released old limitations
  • 77% said their level of creativity has increased
  • 86% said their joyfulness has increased
  • 72% said their likelihood to take action on a dream or idea increased
  • 77% said their motivation increased
  • 71% said their relationships with others have improved 

Our Vision: 100M x Joy

At SoulTour, we envision 100 million Brilliant Beings living, loving and creating with freedom, growth and joy; uplifting all the souls they touch with the transparent model of their own wellbeing.

Way better than Tony Robbins AND Landmark Forum combined - and I’ve done both! 

Thank you Tara, you came along exactly at the right time to get me into a ritual practice and the timing couldn’t have been better to “create” my new business!

~ Jeanne T.