Free 2020 Intention-Resetting Workshop

Learn 3 secrets for setting intentions that work

The lessons I learned coaching 30,000 people and surviving a massive crisis of my own.

Set fresh intentions for the rest of 2020, so you can feel inspired again

Tara-Nicholle Nelson's
Intention Reset Workshop

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I’ll show you how to:

  • Stop feeling pulled in a million directions
  • Stop letting fear poison your dreams at the root
  • Stop holding yourself back from moving forward on your best ideas
  • Set fresh intentions for the rest of the year, so you can feel inspired again

Free online workshop led by SoulTour CEO Tara-Nicholle Nelson


  • What I learned when a crisis turned my world upside down 
  • How to distill personal meaning from the global crisis
  • A soothing, trauma-informed self-care routine to implement immediately
  • A 5-minute daily exercise to quiet the swirl of anxious thoughts so you can feel energized again
  • How to release your old vision for 2020 and rewrite your “personal mythology”
  • How to upgrade your patterns of incompletion and playing small
  • How to stop those bursts of frenetic activity where you start projects but never finish them
  • How to stop feeling guilty for thinking about your personal aspirations at a time like this
  • How to stop feeling like you’re falling behind and your unique talents are trapped inside
  • How to break the indecision that stops you from focusing because you’re afraid you’ll pick the wrong priority
  • A graceful action plan for the next 21 days to turn your desires into graceful momentum, even at a time like this


Intention Reset Workshop

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Here’s what my students are saying right now:

Tara, I’ve been thinking about you every time I have to tackle some kid distance learning tech complication. This is NOT IN MY ZONE OF GENIUS!  However, I am very grateful to be in such a strong mental space because this is some special challenge. Thank you.

- M in NYC

After a valiant fight, my mother finally passed on Easter morning. I’m so incredibly grateful for the gift of true soulful presence that you have taught me over the past year or so. I would never have been able to get through this with so much grace if I didn’t have your wisdom and steady presence as part of my life. Thank you.

- Anonymous

I’ve been moved, touched, enlightened, uplifted, changed by so many of the words of wisdom Tara has shared since she first appeared on my path. Few, however, have affected me as deeply as the words she shared in our most recent live session. Hearing her speak with us so transparently and vulnerably of how this work was birthed from pain and loss and crisis affected me viscerally.
Thank you, Tara. Thank you, Source. Thank you, Inner Wise Woman.

- Dr. E., California

Last time I taught intention-setting, here’s what participants said:

Tanya wrote me this note, right afterwards:


@tamvanhorn could really relate to my own story… she wrote:

“You are telling so many of our stories right now!!!”

Kirsten said:

“Thank you Tara- Nicholle. You always deliver action steps. SO very grateful. recommended a few people to this program today, saw a few names, and I hope everyone got something golden. I know I did.Thank you.”

Danni said:

“Thank you! Was a stretch from Australia at 6am, but worth it!”

And here's the progress update I got in December from a woman who came to my intention-setting workshop one year earlier:

Tara, I had to share this with you. I just came across 2 documents: my goals for 2019 and my intentions for 2019. I have not looked at these since January of this year when you went through the exercises with us.

I followed your directions. Your method was very different from what I was used to, but I did it the way you taught us.

Do you know that I have done exactly what I wrote in both documents even though I have not looked back at it since I set them?

Please note that this is the first time I have ever accomplished every goal and intention without working hard at it (actually the first time accomplishing even half of my goals period).

I actually forgot about the documents!

I have to say THANK YOU.... I feel so accomplished and didn’t even realize all that I have done. Many of the accomplishments were moments of clarity that I am so excited to have.