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Does this sound like you?


Is fear, self-doubt or a lack of focus stopping you from going all in on your life goals?

Do you feel pulled in a million different directions, and spend most days working your heart out on things that just don’t really matter to you?

Do you feel stuck in your patterns of self-sabotage, negative self-talk, fear and lack of focus on your own soul-level callings?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated and unclear on your own purpose, like you’re not even sure who your true self really is?

Do you feel like your identity or worthiness has always been built on the rocky ground of your title, achievements or other people’s validation? 

Do you know you have untapped potential inside, but you also have an inner critic that holds you back in sneaky ways?

Does it resonate when I tell you that deep in your mindset you may have some hidden programming bugs that are causing you to doubt yourself and sabotage your own best life… without even being aware you’re doing it?

Are you sick of living a shadow life: seeming smart and successful on the outside, while you know that inside you’re not living in alignment with the things you truly care about?

You are not alone.

And you are not fundamentally flawed.


I am already a better version of me… I landed my dream job!

I start on Monday! I've been so deeply unfulfilled in my old job for years — it felt like the death of my soul. The new one feels expansive and exciting and it has the potential to connect all the dots of my life. It feels just amazing!

I've always had the deeply held belief that I would be someone great. Life and Self Mastery (LSM) shines the light on the steps to become that vision I have for myself. At the same time LSM provides comfort that I am exactly where I should be right now.
All is well in my world, and for the first time I truly see, feel, and believe it.

- Aparna Majmudar

I’m Tara-Nicholle Kirke,

Founder and CEO of

And I’m NOT an accountability coach.

I’m a breakthrough coach for high-achieving women and companies.

If you’re curious about whether it’s really possible to live a masterful life, even at a time like this, my mission is to help you do just that.

Life is a lot right now.

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I know it’s tempting to feel helpless when you think of how big the world’s problems are. 

Or maybe you’re the type to distract yourself in frantic tasks and a chaotic calendar, that kind of perpetual motion that keeps you busy, but still doesn’t move the needle on things that truly matter to you.

If that’s what you’ve been doing, that’s okay.

But I don’t want you to miss this moment.

Because we live in the era of The Great Reset.

77% of the people I surveyed in March said that, deep down, they were glad to have been on shutdown.

There was something about the life they’d been living before the pandemic that was deeply misaligned with their values.

94% said they hoped some things about their lives would never go back to normal. Ever.

And all that was before the racial justice movement erupted.

That was before it became clear that it's go-time, for ALL the changes that need making, macro and micro.

I know you’re wondering what is yours to do in the next season. 

You might be feeling unclear or confused about who you really are, or how on earth your life got THIS disconnected from your true self and your true purpose.

If you're anything like the women I've been talking to lately, you're feeling overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions.

You might feel like it's really hard to focus.

You might feel stuck in your patterns.

Self-care is challenging, to say the very least... much less finding the energy to make lasting life changes.

Or maybe you’re already thinking back to all the times you’ve tried to change your life before, and your focus fizzled, you got bored or distracted or life got in the way.
I’ve led over 40,000 women through soulful, joyful, whole-life transformations. 
And I can tell you that if want to feel the flood of self-respect from living in alignment with your own True Self, you must first be willing to see what needs seeing.

You've got to wake up.

And it’s uncomfortable at first.

But you can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Can you feel your self-limiting patterns spark up every time you try to start taking better care of yourself?
  • Do you see the direct relationship  between your inner wellbeing and your success in life?
  • Did you learn to shrink yourself down in order to survive or get love earlier in life?
  • Is your negative thinking rooted in old family patterns that you’re ready to outgrow?
  • Can you see how your mental narratives of fear and unworthiness have held you back for years?

I call these Breakthrough Questions.

If you answered yes to any of them, that's a sign you're on the brink of your breakthrough.

You're only one more question away: 

Are you willing for things to be different?

When you decide that you ARE willing, you’ll have to do way less struggle, hustle and achieving... and you’ll learn to do way more receiving.
The self-care habits you’ve always wanted will feel like non-negotiable gifts that are fun and easy to give yourself every damn day.
A beautiful path to your lifelong dreams and your sacred purpose will light up before you, step by step. 

You’ll stop feeling scattered and subject to the winds of fate, dreading the day ahead.

You’ll no longer feel like you’re your own worst enemy.

Instead, you’ll reclaim your sovereignty over your own inner word and you’ll start feeling like your own best friend.

If you’d like my guidance and support, I’ve created something just for you.

Head up + heart out,

A one-year program of self-discovery and breakthrough coaching for women led by SoulTour CEO Tara-Nicholle Kirke.


What Life, Self & Money Mastery is

The Life, Self & Money Mastery program is one year of daily rituals, live trainings and monthly curriculums on how to live a masterful life, guided by SoulTour CEO Tara-Nicholle Nelson.

There’s a magical life that we all know is possible: a life of radical self-acceptance, spiritual alignment and joyful, real-world success.

Life and Self Mastery is a personal and spiritual growth journey proven to help you discover your own unique brilliance and masterfully leverage it in every area of your life.







With guidance from Tara and her world-class team of coaches, Life + Self Mastery Members learn and create:

  • inner wellbeing

  • spiritual alignment

  • reconnection with who you really are and why you’re really here, and

  • a year of unprecedented success breakthroughs in every area of your life: health, wealth, love, wisdom and creative/business self-expression.
How the program works:

For one year, we guide you to learn and practice the Five Steps of Life + Self Mastery in every area of your life, at a relaxed pace… with life-changing results.

1. Recalibrate

2. Envision 

3. Embody

4. Release Inner Resistance

5. Rewire and upgrade

The result?

A whole year of breakthroughs in the state of your soul and the success of your callings.

We Begin on Monday
Your Investment


Save over $500!




12 Monthly Payments of



Note: After the first year, ongoing students may continue participating in Life + Self Mastery (and many do). 

Life + Self Mastery Student Testimonials

I got a job offer that agreed to what I needed (which was to wait until after the new year to start) and then they called me back and gave me a raise that I didn't even ask for!

The morning practice has helped me become calm inside. I was very good at faking it on the outside but now I am calm inside and out. Things have happened that were nerve-wracking but my nerves were calm and my joy remains on HIGH!!!  

The Daily Declarations have literally changed my world and my inner dialogue.  

I seem to be growing internally faster than I knew possible. I am very different and I have been told this by my close family and friends. People are constantly commenting on it and thanking me for just being me. 

The words that come out of my mouth are so uplifting to others. Life is flowing! I got a job offer that agreed to what I needed (which was to wait until after the new year to start) and then they called me back and gave me a raise that I didn't even ask for! 

- Sheila Roby

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I am already a better version of me…
I landed my dream job!

I've landed my dream job which starts on Monday! I've been so deeply unfulfilled in my old job for years — it felt like the death of my soul. The new one feels expansive and exciting (my two favorite feelings) and it has the potential to connect all the dots of my life. It feels just amazing!  

I've always had the deeply held belief that I would be someone great. LSM shines the light on the steps to become that vision I have for myself. At the same time, LSM provides comfort that I am exactly where I should be right now. All is well in my world, and for the first time I truly see, feel, and believe it.

- Aparna Majmudar

Onramp: Your First 30 Days.

During the first 30 days of Life + Self Mastery, you’ll get daily guidance to build a soothing self-care routine, start reprogramming your mindset for positivity, and learn the Foundations of Life Mastery in your New Student Orientation and Month One masterclass sessions.

You’ll also explore your own unique personal strengths and challenges with our self-discovery system: The Sacred Money Archetypes®.

Daily Rituals via our Inner Retreat Email and SMS messages.

Overnight, six days a week, you’ll receive an email or SMS guiding you on an audio Inner Retreat that soothes your nervous system and clears your emotional slate, so you effortlessly build the habit of starting every day calm, grounded and energized... before you even get out of bed!

After 30 days of Tara’s guided meditation, writing, Daily Declarations and brief, physical movement, 100% of Life + Self Mastery students report being more consistent in their daily self-care routine than ever before.

“Tara’s Daily Rituals are like Headspace x 100000%”

Listen to a sample Guided Practice from a Life + Self Mastery Inner Retreat email below:

Weekly Classes and Spiritual Strategy™ Sessions.

In weekly live sessions, Tara and her guests teach you the mindset shifts, models, practical skills and ancient wisdom for mastering your personal life, callings and inner wellbeing through the lens of her Spiritual Strategy™ framework.  

Monthly Life Mastery Curriculums. 

Every month, we focus on a different area of your life, systematically implementing the Five Steps of Spiritual Strategy to get results and make progress in your relationships, your physical body, your business and career, your finances and even your ability express yourself, fully and freely, in speaking and writing. 

This creates a high-vibe collective effervescence, collaboration and MOVEMENT as the entire Community of Life + Self Mastery™ Members and Coaches focuses on the same exercises and insights during the month.

Book of the Month Study Groups.

Every month Tara assigns and teaches from a paradigm-shifting book, some old and some new. After your first 30 days, you’ll be given the chance to join a Book Group for a fully interactive study and group connection. Some Life + Self Mastery Book Study Groups even meet up in person! 

Exclusive Offline Experiences after six months.

6 months into Life + Self Mastery, you’ll become eligible for advanced programs with Tara, including in-person retreats and intensives for book writing, entrepreneurs, coach trainees and more.

Proven Life-Changing Exercises, Writing Prompts, Lessons and Practices.

In Life + Self Mastery, your life is the classroom. We’ll guide you into live a spiritually-aligned, masterful life with an intentional cadence of integrated learning in audio, video and live session formats, quarterly challenges to start implementing what you learn in real life scenarios, and instruction and prompts wrapped into your Daily Ritual Emails.

These growth triggers create a relaxed pace of baby step shifts and Big Ass Breakthroughs in your spirit and your life, all year long.

We Begin on Monday
Your Investment


Save over $500!




12 Monthly Payments of



Note: After the first year, ongoing students may continue participating in Life + Self Mastery (and many do). 

What’s included in a year of Life + Self Mastery
  • 30 Day Onramp of Self-Care, Self-Discovery and Foundations 

  • LIVE New Student Orientation, once a month

  • 6 days a week of daily rituals containing meditation and writing prompt audios ++ so you can start every day with a guided, grounding Inner Retreat

  • Weekly Live Spiritual Strategy Sessions and Masterclasses with Tara and her special guests

  • 12 Monthly Life + Self Mastery Curriculums, so you can systematically focus on Life and Self Mastery in a different area of your life every month

  • Archives with over 500 Inner Retreat Daily Rituals and Writing Prompts, 50 Video Replay Sessions, Book Guides and More

  • Book of the Month and Book Study Group

  • Members-Only: Intimate Facebook Group with Live Session pop-ups

Life + Self Mastery Student Testimonials

I am learning how to do life.

I am developing consistent practices and those practices are helping me to create the life I want. I am getting clarity on what it is that I want.

My daily thinking patterns are changing from seeing the world through a very negative scope to being positive and learning to cope with things that show up as disappointments.

I am learning how to do life.

- Santosha Padfield

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So much in my life has changed recently because of my own change in attitude and outlook due to Life + Self Mastery.

People keep telling me how much I've changed over the last few months, and it's true. I used to plan everything. I would never have contemplated doing something like moving to Spain without having my future mapped out in minute detail.  

But once I enrolled in Life + Self Mastery, I started to change. And yesterday, I made the move!  

Previously, that would have been a source of worry. But now I can just take things as they come, and trust that everything is always working out for me.  

So much in my life has changed, all because of my own change in attitude and outlook. That's down to Tara, and the Life + Self Mastery Program.

- Julia Graves

Who this is for

In Life + Self Mastery, the best and brightest women in the world learn how to do less and receive more in their lives: more freedom, more fulfillment, more love, more relaxation, more connection and more wealth of every type.

  • If you feel pulled in many directions, every day, and you could benefit from more calm and inner peace...

  • If you know that your soul is calling you to do a business, personal or creative dream that you aren’t yet doing...

  • If you already embody a spirit of excellence in your everyday work and life, and you have a successful career history, but you’d like to spend more of your life doing the things that matter to you...

  • If you sometimes feel like running off to an ashram, monastery or farm just to get the chance to turn inward and hear your Inner Guidance, clearly...

  • If you are a high-achieving woman and you’ve gotten amazing results from years of hard work, but you’d like to trust more, work less, make more money and step fully into your own callings…

Then Life and Self Mastery is the program for you.

You can expect

One year of Big Ass Breakthroughs in fulfillment, fruition, mastery… and magic.

By the end of your year in Life + Self Mastery, you can expect:

  • To feel in control of your thoughts, your emotions and your results in life... without forcing, stressing, or straining.

  • To know exactly how to take care of yourself, navigate transitions, do your life dreams and even have hard conversations.

  • To feel less worried about money, weight, approval or age than you might ever have felt before in your life… and to feel more abundance, wellbeing, self-love and youthful energy than you have in years.

  • To feel, more often than not, like you’re living in a magical movie where everything works out for you, with less effort and work than you’ve ever done before.

  • To feel more beautiful, supported and trusting than you can remember ever feeling.

  • To regularly feel a state of relaxed freedom, whole-life alignment, clarity on your own vision and purpose, and struggle-free, easeful momentum toward your soul’s deepest desires, 
  • To experience more health, wealth, love and abundance than you’ve ever known before,

  • And to know that you’re becoming the spiritually aligned, unapologetically self-expressed, wildly successful badass you’ve always known you could be.

Life + Self Mastery Student Testimonials

Personally, I have been having more fun and professionally, I am finishing projects I put on the back burner a while ago.

Life + Self Mastery is a comprehensive, self-care program where we learn to release limiting beliefs, rediscover yourself and walk in purpose.

I love this, especially the joy I feel for me. So happy this space was created for us. 🤗  

- Dequiana Jackson
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Life + Self Mastery has been a great blessing to me...

For me it has been the right program at the right time. Certain lessons arrive just when I’m dealing with a directly applicable issue. I see the replay answering my class question right when I’m dealing with the issue I asked about.  

This is my 3rd online personal development class and is by far the most content rich — like it’s not even close.  

What I love most is the daily reiteration of hope, of possibility, of positivity. We reframe things through a positive and hopeful lens.  

I recommend Life and Self Mastery for anyone who needs help reframing, refocusing negative thinking, limiting beliefs, any type of scarcity stories that you need to rework and upgrade.

- Olivia Bethea

Monthly Calendar of Focus

NOTE: You will work through Month One Onramp content your first month, regardless of start date. After your first month, you will join the ongoing Focus Calendar.


Spiritual Status Check
Morning Ritual Onramp
Foundations of Spiritual Well-being

First Quarterly Challenge: 20 Days of Total Trust


The Year of YES


Love + Relationships


Your Physical Body

Second Quarterly Challenge: Metabolism, Vision + Provision


Crisis + Transitions


Awakened, Aligned Action


Unlocking the Power of You

Third Quarterly Challenge: Intentional Vacuum


Mastery Tools


Money Mindset Mastery


Creativity + Play

Fourth Quarterly Challenge: Monk Mode Challenge


Alignment + Abundance


Self-Doubt + Self-Expression


Clarity, Purpose + Your Sacred Contracts

About Your Guide

Tara-Nicholle Nelson is a globally-recognized transformation expert, business coach and spiritual strategist to high-achieving women and purpose-driven organizations.

She is the author of The Transformational Consumer and the CEO of, a transformation company on a mission to help 100 million people develop inner wellbeing, so they can thrive in every area of their lives.

Tara spends most of her time guiding students through Daily Rituals, courses and challenges in SoulTour’s School of Spiritual Strategy.

Previously, Tara was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lightspeed Venture Partners (the original investors in Snapchat) and the chief marketer for MyFitnessPal: the world's largest health and fitness app.

A former teen Mom, recovering attorney, Buddhist Black church lady and well-trained pug servant, Tara's been featured in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Essence and The New York Times (though her Mom was only really impressed by Essence).

Tara was recently named the #1 woman Silicon Valley tech companies should be naming to their boards by Business Insider.

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