With a Restricting Inner Critic, it doesn't feel like there's ever enough of anything — and it doesn't feel okay to give yourself enough of what you really want or need…

You struggle with a sense of disconnectedness from the abundance of the universe.

As a result, you feel as though you’ve been in a holding pattern your entire life. You’d hate to be seen as ungrateful or undisciplined.

Your Restricting Inner Critic shows up around issues of money and food. You can never spend money freely, without feeling anxious or guilty about it. You agonize about spending money on big-ticket purchases for yourself, even when you can afford them. 

You go on restrictive diets, then end up binge or anxiety eating. Or you might believe you haven’t earned the food you want until you’ve, for example, completed a big project or worked out all week.

On the other hand, you’re a great saver, and will likely be prepared monetarily for any financial disruptions in your life. You’re also often admired for your self-discipline and structure, which can manifest in great achievements and ability to accomplish what you set your mind to. You’re organized, check that to-do list off daily, and will always ‘get it done.’

You have an Restricting Inner Critic if:

  • You tend to hold back time, money, energy, joy from yourself
  • You feel like life is a struggle  the struggle is real and you’d better stay prepared for it
  • You feel like life is unfair and the spoils go to those who prove their virtue via restricting, self-disciplining, being thin, or saving their money
  • You don’t feel like there’s ever enough time or energy
  • You may believe you have to hold onto anything you get in this world
  • When you do indulge or spend, you worry and almost punish yourself with stressful shame cycles, and hold yourself back from any other spending until you’ve “earned” or “deserve” it
You’re here to learn: The world is full, delicious, joyful, exciting...and it is all there for YOU to enjoy.

What happens when you bring 100% of yourself to the world: Your ability to restrain yourself from every indulgent whim is not shared amongst many of your peers.  Recognizing that ‘things’ don’t make you happy is a powerful foundation for a meaningful life. You do tend to let this self-restriction cross over into joy and experiences as well, though.  If you could loosen your grip on yourself a little when it comes to meaningful experiences, travel, joy, and beyond, you could raise your consciousness, focus on the important things, and drive change in your life and beyond, to create the world you want to live in.

Your Inner Critic says: "You can’t have that until…"

Your Wise Inner Being Says: "Self-discipline can be a virtue. But self-restriction can smother my joy, life experience, and self-love."

Your Sacred Contract: The Universe offers a great many wonderful things. It’s good to not get distracted by the mundane elements that don’t bring us joy.  But don’t deny yourself the experience of living fully, loving openly, experiencing purposefully, and seeking joy relentlessly. The Universe is yours, as much as it is anyone else’s.
Things your Inner Critic says:
“I can’t eat that. There are too many calories. Plus, I had a cupcake on Monday.”

“It’s so expensive.  I don’t want it that badly.”

“I’m not asking for help. I wouldn’t want to put anyone out, or let them know I am struggling.”

“I’ve definitely not earned that.”

“It’s already 2:00pm? I haven’t gotten nearly enough done today.”

“If I don’t save now, I’ll be living on the streets in 5 years.”


  • Self-discipline and self-control
  • Resourceful
  • Intentional and good with money
  • Organized

  • Self-restriction
  • Stinginess
  • Chronic fear and hesitation
  • Hold yourself back from living the good life even when you have all the resources
Awaken To:   Self-restricting     Stingy      Closed-off
Align To:  Resourceful    Self-disciplined      Organized

Your Restricting Inner Critic may show itself most clearly in these areas of your life:

Family & Childhood: Growing up, you learned that self-denial was a virtue. The people who irritate you the most are those who lack self-discipline and self-control. You’d hate to feel like a burden on anyone in your family.

Love & Relationships: You focus most of your attention outward on other people — and what they think and how you can help take care of them. Sometimes you feel like an alien because most people you know don't really know the real you.

Work & Money: You’re chronically, secretly disappointed or resentful at work. You frequently think about how you haven’t earned the right to leave your job and follow your passions. You have a punishing work ethic but are determined not to let anyone see you sweat. You portray an attitude of “I have it all together” even if having it all together was stressful and manic.

Creativity, Passion & Purpose: You might be a very good writer or other creative, but you become blocked before you really get started.  
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Your Liberation Declaration (Mantra):
I have everything I need to have, exactly when I need it. 
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