Your Driving-Perfecting Inner Critic insists that you try to avoid unwanted feelings and situations by being absolutely perfect, or as close to it as you can. 

The way you can already see your vision for your life is inspiring. You want to make the most of your time — and make the most of your life.

Unfortunately, the thought of how long it would take to achieve it all feels very stressful. 

You believe you must accomplish as much as you can as quickly as possible. Your eye is always on the clock and the calendar as you track your time.

You also place a lot of value on numbers — your age, income, weight, and more. Even though you’re already reasonably fit, you set unsustainable weight, diet, and fitness goals for yourself.

You may have a very high title at a corporate job, and you have incredible polish and impeccable credentials. You may have multiple degrees or certifications, and you’ve thought your career path through in detail.

You’re definitely a perfectionist. Other people may have even described you as a machine or robotic in your polish and perfection. 

You may have suffered from duck syndrome: where you’re paddling furiously to stay afloat, but above the surface you look serene, calm, and in control. 

You may have a Driving-Perfecting Critic if:

  • The words you might use against yourself include “stronger, harder, faster, longer, better.”
  • You find it difficult to slow down. But doing so might actually give you more time by helping you identify where you can cut out projects that aren’t serving you. 
  • You chase metrics, for instance, salary or weight goals. Numbers measure success for you
  • You get things done. A lot of things. But remember to take the time to enjoy your accomplishments.
  • You’re always racing the clock; you feel there isn’t enough time to get done the things you need or want to accomplish.
You’re here to learn: That you’re already perfect, whole, and complete, and your desires are calling you to freedom and joy, not perfection

What happens when you bring 100% of yourself to the world: Your true callings will pull you toward them and energize you as you go.

Your Inner Critic says: “You can work harder than that. You can be better than that. You can get thinner than that. You know someone else has already done that better, right? Don’t write that. Don’t post that. Don’t say that.”

Your Wise Inner Being Says: “When I work hard and do my best, it’s more than enough.”

Your Sacred Contract: The ease of discovering that you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of wonderful things, and the alignment of reconnecting with your perfectly imperfect, delightful Inner Child and all the other parts of you will feel so pure and so good, I promise: You will never go back.
Things your Inner Critic says:
“You can work harder than that. You can be better than that. You can get thinner than that.”

“You know someone else has already done that better, right?”

“Don’t write that. Don’t post that. Don’t say that.””

“My work is ALWAYS impeccable. I might die if I made a public mistake.”

“You don’t make enough money to do that.”

“Life will be perfect… when you lose 10 pounds.”


  • Ambitious
  • Leadership qualities
  • Visionary
  • Spirit of excellence

  • Perfectionism
  • Chronic hesitation
  • Judgmental 
  • In danger of burnout
Awaken To:   Perfectionism     Time-poor    Over-delivery
Align To:  Excellence    Accomplishment     Integrity

Your Driving-Perfecting Inner Critic may show itself most clearly in these areas of your life:

Family & Childhood: As a child, your primary caregivers were very achievement-and-appearance oriented. You have a clear childhood memory of doing something poorly and suffering the painful consequences. You weren’t allowed to fully express yourself as a child and your parents didn’t fully understand you.

Now, perhaps your kids push back against your efforts to teach them how to be responsible and respectable, how to get into an A-list school, and how to be a well-rounded, successful person, because there’s a joylessness to the drive for perfection within you.

Love & Relationships: If you truly lived up to your full potential, you might leave the people you care about behind — and you would never do that. When you have negative emotions or reactions in your relationships, you assume there’s something you could be doing differently or better. You believe that you are supposed to be perfect and that there’s actually a little something wrong with you deep down.

You don’t expect to be loved for being your imperfect self, and you make up for feeling unloved by trying to be perfect.

Work & Money: You consider yourself smart, but not that smart. You’re objectively very productive, but never feel like you’re getting enough done. You frequently stop yourself from speaking up in meetings — you believe your ideas should be more polished before you share them.

You may feel very misunderstood, like people see you as this Stepford type drone, when in fact, you have a deeply creative soul and want to find meaning and purpose in your life. 

But you also don’t feel free to go figure that out. The idea of marketing yourself nauseates you. The idea of calling yourself a coach or even something like a Realtor just makes you sick. There are so many bad eggs in those professions, that even if you really feel like you would love and be good at it, you’d hate nothing more than to be lumped in with the others.

Creativity, Passion & Purpose: It makes you crazy to see people less polished than you doing, being or having the authentic, joyful projects you dream of. It makes you nuts to see typos in other people’s blog posts or email newsletters. You could never knowingly present something to the world that you feel is imperfect. You’re always reinventing the wheel when it comes to your passion projects. You’d prefer to save money or lose a little weight before you really go all-in on your dreams.
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Your Liberation Declaration (Mantra):
There never will be a perfect time to go all-in on my dreams. And that means the time is now.
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