Your Delaying-Diminishing Inner Critic keeps you focused on avoiding risk and procrastinating, putting things off until you feel like everything is in order. It constantly tells you to wait until “someday”, but someday never comes.

You have beautiful, soulful ideas about projects, creations and movements that would be meaningful and deeply transformational.

But you've been holding your breath until you think you’re ready to put yourself out there. You fear feeling vulnerable or being exposed as not truly qualified. Imposter syndrome is a very familiar feeling to you. 

So you perpetually press ‘pause’ on your own passions, dreams, and goals to make the fear go away.

Your Inner Critic tells the story that you’re just waiting to make your big move until you’ve lost weight, your children are grown, or until you’ve saved up “enough” money.

You have an Delaying-Diminishing Inner Critic if:

  • You base major milestones in dream projects on irrelevant or unimportant personal milestones. “I’ll  launch my website when I’ve lost some weight for a good professional photo shoot.”
  • You spend time doing behind the scenes work to subconsciously avoid doing the important world-facing work needed for success.
  • You start a lot of projects, but always reach a phase where they go dormant. This might include written books or business plans, that are thorough, but never see the light of day.
  • You spend a lot of time preparing for things, but not producing the main thing. 
  • You’re just ‘waiting for the right time.’
  • You may have a painful and memorable failure that has turned you off from truly trying new things. 
  •  You pursue qualifications to reaffirm your value, but they don’t serve you as much as you hope.
  • You may actually be more qualified than those you compare yourself to, because your insecurities drive you to accumulate certifications and knowledge and over-prepare. The difference between you and them? You accumulate knowledge; they USE it.
You’re here to learn: That you have access to all the resources of this Universe, and you have access to them NOW.

What happens when you bring 100% of yourself to the world: To bring 100% of yourself to the world, you must drop the fear.  You’ve accumulated knowledge and experience that will add value to your inherent gits; sharing them and taking the leap will set you free.

Your Inner Critic says: "You’re smart, but you’re not THAT smart."

Your Wise Inner Being Says: "You were born perfect, whole and complete, and you still are."

Your Sacred Contract: The best things in life are already here — and you came into this world good enough to take advantage of them.
Things your Inner Critic says:
“I need to clean the house before I sit down and write.”

“There’s nothing unique about this.  I’m sure there are a million like it in the world.”

“I probably need to get certified, or take a class before I do that. I’m no expert.”

“When the kids go off to school, I’ll have more time for this.”

“I’m stuck on this step.  I just don’t know how to move forward.”

“I’m smart, but I’m not THAT smart.”


  • Deliberate
  • Intentional
  • Well-Qualified
  • Lifelong Learner

  • Self-consciousness
  • Procrastination
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Ungenerous/stingy
Awaken To:   Procrastination   Excuses   Imposter Syndrome
Align To:  Qualifications     Creativity       Self-belief

Your Delaying-Diminishing Inner Critic may show itself most clearly in these areas of your life:

Family & Childhood: You may have been punished or disapproved of for being loud, assertive, weird or truly unique as a child or even as a young adult… and you may have experienced one or more traumatic events where it felt like you tried to do something new and failed in a way that left a mark.

But instead of ruminating on the trauma or stopping yourself from even wanting something big, fresh and new, your wound response might look like a stop-start pattern where you have a delightful inspired idea and have a little honeymoon period with it, before your inner stories start telling you that you are not good enough or smart enough to be/do/have that; there is something wrong with you that prevents you from doing the thing you most desire to do, that the timing is wrong and someday will be better… but that someday, and that better, still haven’t come.

Love & Relationships:  Your love life is likelier than most to fall into one of two extremes: You may not date at all, because you think you need to work on yourself more before you’re ready. Or you might have ended up in a long-term relationship or marriage to someone who other people think is not on your level, in one way or the other. That’s because you don’t believe, deep down, that you’re worthy of a full, thriving, interdependent partnership with someone just as smart and successful as you. 

Work & Money: You may already have many degrees, training, and certifications, but you still feel like you need more credentials or experience. You’d never want to be mistaken as a self-promoter, yet you feel you’ve never been paid what you’re worth. Although you feel qualified inside, you’re worried that the world doesn’t see it.  This makes you question the value of your abilities, skills, and knowledge. You feel nauseated at the idea that someone might publicly criticize your work or ask you a question you don’t have a good answer for. Appearing “stupid” or underqualified is one of your greatest fears.

You have probably tried to write books and start businesses in the past, but went out to get another license, certification, degree or more experience before you would truly let yourself go all in.

Creativity, Passion & Purpose: You’ve had many great ideas for endeavors like books and businesses, but tend to delay them and never follow through. Or maybe you’ve written many drafts of something and constantly delayed publishing or submitting it. Sometimes, quietly to yourself, you believe you’re good enough. But when it comes time to present your projects, thoughts, ideas, and self to the world, you change your mind. 
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Your Liberation Declaration (Mantra):
I am worthy of the best in life and I receive it now.
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