As an Achiever, you’re probably one of the most active, productive people in your circle. Your identity is based on doing all of the things, all of the time. You may even have a preference for doing things the hard way, and feel a looming sense of dread when you’re not in constant, frenetic action.

Achievement and accolades mean a lot to you. You love that people around you know you’re on top of things, but you might have a pattern of not feeling your feelings or not resting enough.

You have high self-esteem, high standards and might set unsustainably high goals for yourself. You’re amazing in a crisis because you believe that taking decisive action helps solve any problem… so you tend to be calm, cool and focused when everyone around you is losing their head.

Because you get your sense of worthiness from action, the idea of slowing down is not appealing to you, which can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Because of your low self-compassion you question whether you’re doing enough, and you may chronically feel like you’re falling behind. Every time you try to go after your goals, it feels like life gets in the way, mostly because there’s always some task to do that distracts you from your passion or calling.

You have an Achieving Inner Critic if:

  • You believe you have to do everything yourself if it is to be done right
  • You equate busyness with success; laziness is the worst attribute a person can demonstrate
  • You have a driving sense that you are defined by your career, how much you earn, and your status
  • You may busy yourself to avoid inner spiritual work, or facing your emotional traumas
  • You may place your productivity above your health
  • You use hard work as a control mechanism: if you work hard, you can control your future.  You may fear idleness because it feels like a lack of control.
  • Because you work hard, your potential to achieve great things is high; but for happiness, slow down, look within, and find your passion. This is where your greatest success will come.
You’re here to learn: Assisting forces are trying to help you create the reality you desire, all the time. Allow others to help you where it can free up your time. You’re here to do big things — but you’ll need help to achieve your greatest potential.

What happens when you bring 100% of yourself to the world: It’s no secret that your work ethic is superior to most.  When coupled with passion, you find your sweet spot. This is why it’s important for you to figure out what you truly want… because once you do, and you bring your A game (like you always do), you’ll be unstoppable (and happy!).  That is, if you concede you can’t do it alone, and let others support you so you can shine bright where your passions lie.

Your Inner Critic says: “I need to do this on my own.  Asking for help indicates that I’m not capable.”

Your Wise Inner Being Says: “No one gets through life alone.  I am capable.  But I’ll get a lot further with other capable beings helping me.”

Your Sacred Contract: You can get far in life with hard hustle and frenetic activity, but the power of focus, allowing, and aligning, (and sometimes slowing down), will get you 1000x further, faster.
Things your Inner Critic says:
“No days off.”

“Everyone around me is incompetent. I’ll just do it myself.”

“I can’t leave this job. Who would I be without it?”

“I’m not going to leave it to someone else... who knows what they’ll come up with.”

“What do I want? Gosh, I hadn’t really thought about it…”

  • Vast creative power
  • Empire-building
  • Limitless energy
  • Tireless when in your zone of genius
  • Find it easy to get started on ideas

  • Overcompetitive and prone to burnout
  • May find it difficult to relax, surrender
  • May make things harder than they are
  • Prone to codependency
Awaken To:   Codependence    Perfection    Burnout
Align To:  Competence     Hustle     Work Ethic

Your Achieving Inner Critic may show itself most clearly in these areas of your life:

Family & Childhood: As a child, your primary caregivers were very focused on performance, intelligence and grades. Your parents’ behavior often made you feel abandoned, rejected or punished.

Love & Relationships: You’re very emotionally intelligent about how others are feeling, but sometimes you find it hard to get clear on what you want out of life. Independence is extremely important to you, and you hate the idea of feeling stuck in a situation or unable to leave a relationship. This, along with pride of being successful, may lead you to engage in relationships that are imbalanced; you may find yourself being the breadwinner or ‘successful’ part of your relationships, and at times revel in that, and at times, find it frustrating.

Work & Money: You have a strong focus on your career, status, and financial stability, and risk overextending yourself. With your polished, professional work persona, you’re known as a fixer, robot, or superhero because of your hard work and perfectionism. You’ve also been called bossy— you prefer to control how projects turn out, even if you have to do it yourself. To feel comfortable, you need to be the leader of a project. But you also may get overly involved, because you feel like it won’t be done right if you don’t do it yourself.  This can keep you in lower level roles, which you might resent, because higher level roles don’t seem to be producing anything.

Creativity, Passion & Purpose: Performance is very important to you, and if you’re being honest, you tend to be better than 90% of people at everything you do. At the same time, you often hold back from pursuing a goal or passion because you’re afraid you’ll burn yourself out. You equate value with work and production, but risk feeling drained if you lack passion in your work.
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