Do Your Dream 21-Day Workshop
Does any of this sound like you?

Is fear, self-doubt or a lack of focus stopping you from going all in on your life goals?

Does life get in the way every time you make an effort to do your dreams?

Do you know you have untapped potential inside, but you also have a habit of holding yourself back?

Do you have a habit of excitedly starting projects and then losing steam before you can get traction? 

Does it resonate when I tell you that deep in your mindset you may have some hidden programming bugs that are causing you to sabotage your own best ideas… without even being aware you’re doing it?

You are not alone.

And you’re not fundamentally flawed. 

Trust me on this.

Do Your Dream helped me to tackle Imposter Syndrome.

The program helped me to tackle Imposter Syndrome by helping me realize I deserve to be where I am and giving me more confidence. Tara’s guidance developing a morning ritual practice that stuck was invaluable to me — I've been able to meditate for over 30 days straight now!
Not feeling like my work has to be perfect has been so freeing.

I made way more progress on my goal than I would have without being in the program.

- Sonia Dong

I’m Tara-Nicholle Nelson,
Founder and CEO of

And I’m a breakthrough coach for high-achieving women and companies.

If you’re ready for your life to be different, my mission is to help you do just that.

I recently surveyed 1,000 people, and 77% of them said they were RELIEVED to be quarantined! 


Because it gave them a break from something about their lives that they normally dread. 

One of them even said “this was the break from my life I didn’t even know I needed.”

Ninety-four percent of them said they hope their lives never go all the way back to normal

So I asked a few hundred of my own readers what they plan to do to make sure the life changes they want to make... actually stick.

One of them flat-out said:

"my plan is to write things down & reflect quite a lot, then watch it fall apart as my hectic life takes over & I'm lucky to get through another year with my sanity alone"

As a breakthrough coach, my life’s work is to see what needs seeing and say what needs saying for you to resolve your own inner roadblocks so you can experience new levels of inner peace, success, happiness and abundance.

So I have to say this: If you want your life to be healthier, wealthier and more soul-fulfilling than it was before the pandemic, you’re going to have to do more than just “write things down and reflect a lot”. 

Otherwise, the pull of your old self-sabotage patterns will definitely take over.

👉🏽 Self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination will creep in.

👉🏽 Your inner critic will chime in. 

👉🏽 Your motivation will peter out.

And soon you’ll be reminiscing about the sweet old quarantine days. 

Aren’t you sick of feeling like you’re living somebody else’s life: successful and smiling on the outside, but losing a little more self-respect every day because you’re not doing almost anything to go after your own personal dreams and goals?

Don’t you feel the inner tension from resisting what your soul is calling you to do?

Have you ever thought about why you are resisting your own dreams and goals? 

Maybe you’re afraid that if you do go all in you’ll fail at the thing you’ve been wanting to do forever. Then who will you be?

Maybe you’ll find out that you’re fundamentally flawed, deep down.

Or maybe you’re afraid you’ll succeed, and end up having to do things you hate.

Maybe you’re afraid that if you succeed, you’ll outshine those around you and end up all alone?

Or maybe you’re so accustomed to that feeling of a dream perpetually deferred that it’s a little untethering to even seriously consider going for it? 

Maybe you’re just stuck in the Groundhog’s Day cycle of everyday, hectic life, and you feel like you’re spending the precious moments of your life pulling other people’s weight and doing everything but the #1 goal that would give you the most pride and self-respect if you actually did it?

Well, let me tell you something: 

If you struggle to stay focused and motivated, so you stop and start the projects you love, losing a little more self-respect every time you quit again, and 

If your inner critic pipes up and makes you feel guilty for even thinking about the book you want to write or the business you want to start when you “should be” grateful for the life you already have (especially at a time like this)?

If any of these resonate within you, then I have a reframe for you that might change your life:

You are not fundamentally flawed.

You just have an Upper Limit Problem (ULP).

That’s what author Gay Hendricks calls it when you hit the top of your emotional and psychological thermostat for how happy you think it’s possible to be, so you start doing obvious and way less obvious things to blow your own joy up. 

Fortunately, there are spiritual and practical steps you can take to shatter that inner glass ceiling on your own happiness, so you can go from success to success and feel some mastery in your life.

But you don’t learn these strategies for success, happiness and abundance by reading a book. 

You learn them by practicing them. 

And in order to do that, you’ll need a little guidance and some help breaking the pull of your old, self-sabotage patterns.

Listen: I know this sounds like a crazy thing to do right now, when what you really crave is safety and certainty. But if you’re looking for security outside yourself is a total and complete delusion. 

So I want you to do the exact opposite. 

Don’t give into the urge to retreat into your old ways of holding yourself back. 

Don’t retreat on the brink of your breakthrough.

Instead, let this time be the end of the world as you know it. 

Let this be the end of your old patterns of complacency, hiding, holding back and playing small. 

If you’ve been telling or living a story of lack, limitation, chronic incompletion or unfulfillment… let that end, now.

Let these stories you’ve been telling yourself about yourself die NOW:

“So much potential, never fulfilled.”

“So many great ideas, never really getting any traction.”

“Always starting, never really following through.”

“Such a badass, stays insanely busy fixing things for other people, but life always gets in the way before she can really give her own dream a fighting chance.”

All of that was THEN. 

And this is NOW.

Imagine the self-respect, happiness and pride you would feel if you created major momentum on your #1 life goal in the next 21 days and before the end of this month?

Imagine how energized and powerful you'd feel if you had a morning ritual that made you clear-minded, focused and 10-100X as productive on your dream projects?

2020 has been a wild ride. But it’s not over. 

This can still be the year you break the pull of your old patterns of procrastination and self-sabotage. 

Are you ready to start feeling the self-respect of getting into alignment with your dreams?



Do Your Dream is an online workshop where
you take unprecedented, wholehearted
action on your most exciting life goal, without giving in to old patterns of self-sabotage.

In 21 days, you’ll feel the self-respect and inner peace of finally getting into alignment with your unique gifts and the ideas you’ve had for so long.

You’ll learn how to overcome the fears, distractions and negative mindsets that have held you back in the past, so you can build beautiful momentum on your most important goal.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself if you're ready to change your life.”

- Corinne Pratz

Do Your Dream has helped me literally stop negative self talk in its tracks.

I can be my own worst critic, beating myself up over small “failures” but I’ve learned (and am still learning) to push past this and celebrate the small wins while embracing the process.

Do Your Dream has helped me literally stop negative self talk in its tracks. The mental clutter that I struggled with a lot before has cleared up tremendously and for that I'm extremely grateful!

- Eric Barnes

How Do Your Dream Works

Clarify and envision your “dream” project of focus

Do a proven Daily Ritual for calm, flow and  inspiration

Follow daily steps and weekly leaps toward your dream

Release self-doubt and build confidence in weekly group coaching

It was really empowering to start a book I've had brewing in me for 20 years. 

It was really empowering to start a book I've had brewing in me for 20 years. I actually think I have something meaningful to say, and this was a safe place to explore that. I am grateful.

- Andrea Gordon

What's Inside

Master Classes


LIVE Mindset
Coaching Calls


Weekly Leap
Action Items


Days of Proven
Daily Rituals


Days of Writing Prompts & Declarations


 Daily Baby Step
Action Prompts advanced strategies & a done-for-you action plan
And You Will...
  • Have day-by-day guidance on the most impactful actions to generate momentum and rack up 'Quick Wins'

  • Receive weekly coaching on mindset shifts and “Leaps” that attract the resources, collaborators and opportunities you need

  • Make 10X the life, career or creative progress you’d normally make in a month, without hard hustle or grind

  • Build momentum on your dream project in 21 days.
Why You’ll Love It
You'll be unstoppable in 21 days 

The momentum you create in just 3 weeks in this program may change the rest of your life.

I'll help you rewrite your negative inner narratives, so you can stop getting in your own way.

You'll stop dreading your own dreams

Put a stop to overthinking, perfectionism, and procrastination so you can take inspired action instead...even before you think you’re ready.

You'll learn a repeatable, 5-step process for doing your dreams

Learn a process to do your extraordinary callings anytime you want.  

Pure, positive energy

You’ll release the anxiety and agitation of quarantine life and start feeling hopeful and excited about the future again.

If You're Ready To:
  • Learn and leverage a proven process you can use to create anything you want, any time you want

  • Get MORE energy and momentum as you make progress, instead of burning out and giving up

  • Overcome fear, self-doubt, perfectionism, procrastination and self-sabotage

  • Reach new levels of focus, clarity and confidence
    Stick with your morning self-care routine like never before

  • Get your questions answered by master teachers and guides

  • Get support and inspiration from a positive, private community…

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Head up + heart out, 


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Do Your Dream was a space that Tara created - yet a sacred space I lived in each morning that set me up for the day.

- Sally Ann

What a joy to experience the conscious creativity!

What a joy to experience the conscious creativity and leadership reflecting luminaries that I've followed for years like Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Brene' Brown. Was not expecting this level of Metaphysics and was supremely overjoyed!

- LadyAmirah Peace

How it works:
Every day, I send you a proven-effective Daily Ritual via email with audio guidance, a writing prompt and some declarations for the day. 

You’ll also receive a Baby Step Action Prompt to take toward your goal every day for 21 days. 

Each week, I’ll coach you to resolve your mindset blocks and self-limiting patterns, like chronic distraction, lack of focus and inner critic habits of thought.

And if part of your problem is that you don’t even know what your goal is, have no fear. I’ll coach you on how to get clear and focused on that during the first week of the program.

Week One
Coaching Topics:

  • Clarifying and resourcing your dream
  • Recalibration: Daily Ritual and routines 
  • How to take daily imperfect action
Week Two
Coaching Topics:

  • 7-point alignment
  • Focus and flow
  • How to release Resistance
Week Three
Coaching Topics:

  • The momentum snowball
  • Outreach and output
  • How to handle feedback
  • Re-finding flow when you lose it
Next Steps
& Aftercare:

  • Lean life methodology
  • The magic of mastery

 I am rewriting the stories I tell about myself, and redefining my boundaries.

In Do Your Dream, I made some big steps in terms of implementing a daily practice and rituals. I applied for and was accepted into a training program that has been calling me for a while now. I am rewriting the stories I tell about myself, and redefining my boundaries with family and coworkers to make more space for joy, freedom and growth for all of us.

I really am rewiring my brain! I got a lot out of this process -- what I was hoping for, and more.

- Emma McKay

It shifted my energy in way that started a few MAJOR things rolling.

I've meditated before but never made a commitment to that and to writing at the same time. The ritualistic aspect made me feel very comfortable and serene when things have been a little tough or unclear. I felt like having this to do made me happier and it shifted my energy in way that started a few MAJOR things rolling.

- Nicole Devlin 

I'm moving forward, expecting good things to show up for me.

The prompts and lessons from Tara made quite an impact on me. I'm moving forward, expecting good things to show up for me. I'm making small goals, working on them, and celebrating all of my wins. If someone doesn't get back to me or support me as I'd wish, I move forward trusting that another door will open!

- Sandra Lewis

It has calmed my mind and helped me show up more for myself.

I have signed up for other classes and have not implemented them. Do your dream was easy, inspiring and really changed my thought patterns. I stuck with it. I did it every day and it has calmed my mind and helped me show up more for myself.

- Anne Marie Peterson

I don't want it to end!! :)

This has been so refreshing, provocative, and eye-opening for me. Thank you Tara-Nicholle Nelson for lending your words and spirit to this group.

- Blair Casey

This is a much better start to my day than scrolling Twitter.

Feeling very alive … this is a much better start to my day than scrolling Twitter for the latest outrageous and maddening news. Being an informed citizen does not have to be all-consuming. I can do more with a positive attitude and charged heart than I'll ever achieve with an angry retweet at 5:30 in the morning.

- Stephanie Lee

I feel as if this huge mental block has dissolved — it's that powerful of an awakening.

In the last three days, I've managed to brainstorm 123 quality blog post topics for my biz in a half hour, which has since grown to 160+ as the ideas just keep flowing every time I think about it.   

I've also managed to start and finish 3 of those blog post topics in less than 24 hours for a grand total of 3,467 words between them. Basically, my blog is planned and in motion for the rest of 2017 and into 2018.   

This is a huge accomplishment that I put directly to the credit of this program as I was previously struggling to plan even the next day's post.

- Cassandra Ewert


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