Do Your Dream Workshop with Tara-Nicholle Nelson

21 days of momentum on your #1 goal of 2019

I recently asked 300 of my readers if they had a plan in place for turning their 2019 intentions into action.

One woman spoke for many when she said:

"my plan is to write things down & reflect quite a lot, then watch it fall apart as my hectic life takes over & I'm lucky to get through another year with my sanity alone" 

Let's be real. If you don’t do something different with your goals for 2019 than you have before, two things will happen:  

#1: Self-doubt will creep in, causing you to shrink down your dreams and goals. 

#2: The rush of New Year's motivation quickly peters out and your most inspired, most impactful ideas lose momentum.

Imagine the freedom, success and joy you would feel if you created major momentum on your #1 goal of the year in the next 21 days and before the end of this month?

2019 can be the year everything levels up for you.

Here's how I know: 

Over the last twenty years I’ve written three career-changing books. I lost 60 pounds and kept it off... for over 20 years. Got out of debt. Transitioned from broke teen Mom to lawyer to HGTV spokesperson to writer, tech exec and entrepreneur.  

I doubled my income year-over-year, four years in a row.  

Here's how I do it: 

For three weeks of every year, I focus on my highest-priority, moonshot goal, and I envision it in a very specific way that sparks joy, not dread.

Over the years, I've developed a process of daily, baby step actions and larger, weekly sprints (I call them "leaps") to generate quick wins, big wins and all the learnings I need to move forward.

By month end, I'm unstoppable. In full-blown flow mode. Attracting in opportunities so good I couldn't even have thought them up if I'd tried!  

Then I turn this process onto another project or goal. Then another. 

My secret superpower is a morning self-care ritual I do every day during this process, because it keeps me energized, inspired and in the flow while dialing down the voice of my Inner Critic.

Imagine how energized and powerful you'd feel if you had a morning ritual that made you 10-100X as productive on your dream projects?

In Do Your Dream 2019, I'm coaching you into daily action and guiding you through my morning ritual, step-by-step, for 21 days starting March 11, 2019. 

My mission is to give you a running start on one extraordinary thing you’d love to do this year. One life change that would bring you great joy or great relief, if you could get momentum on it.

Maybe your intention is to finally stick with a self-care or wellness routine, or to get consistent about journaling or meditation. . 

Or maybe you have a financial, career or creative goal. 

Whatever your intention is for 2019, I’ll guide you to Do Your Dream with the leverage of:

  • Inspired action
  • Bold, confident, flow
  • Alignment, and 
  • A process of creation and transformation you can use over and over again... freeing your Inner Genius. Finally. 

If you’re ready to start doing your dream with your whole heart, join me. We begin March 11, 2019.  

Head up + heart out, 

Tara has been featured in:

Do Your Dream is a 21-day online workshop where you take inspired, intentional, purpose-driven action on your most exciting goal for 2019. 


  • Get day-by-day guidance on the most impactful 'Baby Steps' to take starting March 11 to generate momentum and rack up 'Quick Wins'
  • Get weekly live instruction on mindset shifts and “Leaps” that attract the resources, collaborators and opportunities to help you do your dream
  • Make 10X the life, career or creative progress you’d normally make in January, without hard hustle or grind
  • Build momentum on your dream project in 21 days
  • Learn and leverage a proven process you can use to create anything you want, any time you want
  • Enjoy MORE energy and momentum as you make progress, instead of burning out and giving up
  • Overcome self-doubt, perfectionism, procrastination and scarcity
  • Start attracting in all the resources, collaborators and opportunities you'll need to do your dream
  • Reach new levels of productivity, clarity and confidence 
  • Stick with your morning self-care routine like never before
  • Get your questions answered by master teachers and guides
  • Get support and inspiration from a community of conscious uplifters...not on Facebook! 

“The greatest gift you can give to yourself if you're ready to change your life.”

- Corinne Pratz

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Clarify and envision your “dream” project of focus

Do a proven Daily Ritual for calm, flow and inspiration

Follow daily steps and weekly leaps toward your dream

Release self-doubt and build confidence in weekly group coaching


  • 21 Daily "Baby Step" Action Prompts to make progress in 10 minutes or less 
  • Three Weekly “Leap” Projects via email: guided sprints to build critical momentum on your goal 
  • 21 Daily Ritual emails from me, with a Guided Practice and writing prompts
  • Three LIVE group coaching sessions (and replays) that release internal resistance and trigger bold, confident progress: Kickoff, wrap-up and three live instruction and group coaching sessions with Q+A 
  • Yearlong access to our password-protected membership site with all assignments and replays of the live sessions
  • Membership in a radically accepting, inspiring supportive private community — not on Facebook!
  • Quarterly follow-through resources and calls
  • Each Daily and Weekly Action email contains text, audio and video — pick the format that works for you! 


You'll be unstoppable in 21 days 

You'll stop dreading your own dreams

Our Community is NOT on Facebook

The momentum you create in just 3 weeks in this program will level up the rest of your whole year.  

Or your whole life.  

Put a stop to overthinking, perfectionism, and procrastination so you can take inspired action instead...even before you think you’re ready.  

If you want to trade your social media habit for a habit of inspiration and growth, you’re in the right place.  

You'll remove your inner roadblocks

You’ll get follow-through support for the rest of the year

You'll learn a repeatable, 5-step process for doing your dreams

I'll help you rewrite your negative inner narratives so you can stop getting in your own way.  

Ongoing quarterly calls, a sustainable plan of action for the rest of the year and exclusive invitations to focused follow-through programs.  

Learn a process to do your extraordinary callings anytime you want .  

I found myself taking action towards dreams I had harbored for a long time. 

I would write for 30 mins in the mornings, then spend 15 minutes investigating new ideas online, reaching out to new people, etc. I love how the ritual every morning enabled that proactivity in me!

- Howard Perry 

It was really empowering to start a book I've had brewing in me for 20 years. 

It was really empowering to start a book I've had brewing in me for 20 years. I actually think I have something meaningful to say, and this was a safe place to explore that. I am grateful.

- Andrea Gordon

This program is for you if you are a transformational leader, a conscious creator or a born uplifter.  

You’ve always known you have a purpose or calling that would elevate your own life and uplift the people around you, whether you're doing it or not.  

And you know there’s at least One Big Project that would accelerate your progress.  

But you haven’t yet been able to execute on your soul-level calling to:  

  • Stick with a self-care or wellbeing routine
  • Stick with a meditation or journaling practice
  • Write a book or blog 
  • Create a course or business
  • Become a thought leader or find your voice at work
  • Find and fulfill your life’s purpose
  • Turn your bright idea into a movement, or
  • Put your soul on deck in any other way

Maybe perfectionism, procrastination, your Inner Critic or Imposter Syndrome keep getting in the way. 

Maybe life keeps getting in the way. 

Maybe people around you think you're super successful, but you still feel behind in life. Or you just feel like you're not fulfilling your potential yet. 

But your dream projects feel urgent. And you know deep-down that it’s time. And you could use some help getting started. 

Do Your Dream is for you if you've decided that 2019 really is your time to level up. 



The single most popular piece of content I published last year.


PDF and audio declarations to make every morning to get ready for inner and outer transformation. 


Get clear and specific about the goal you want to work on in the Do Your Dream Workshop.


How to turn the volume on your Inner Critic down... to mute.


Live Group Coaching calls in April, August and November provide follow-through guidance all year long. 


Learn how to remodel your scarcity stories and live a lavish life from Tara's School of Upliftment interview with Victoria Castle, Author of The Trance of Scarcity.

I feel as if this huge mental block has dissolved — it's that powerful of an awakening.

In the last three days, I've managed to brainstorm 123 quality blog post topics for my biz in a half hour, which has since grown to 160+ as the ideas just keep flowing every time I think about it.  

I've also managed to start and finish 3 of those blog post topics in less than 24 hours for a grand total of 3,467 words between them. Basically, my blog is planned and in motion for the rest of 2017 and into 2018.  

This is a huge accomplishment that I put directly to the credit of this program as I was previously struggling to plan even the next day's post. - Cassandra Eckwert

The daily nature of the process reinforces incremental progress. Ass in chair, do the work. Trust the process.

- Jim Carlson

I've landed my dream job! 

I've landed my dream job which starts on Monday! I've been so deeply unfulfilled in my old job for years - it felt like the death of my soul. The new one feels expansive and exciting (my two favorite feelings) and it has the potential to connect all the dots of my life. It feels just amazing!

- Aparna Majmudar

Personally, I have been having more fun and professionally, I am finishing projects I put on the back burner a while ago.  

- Dequiana Jackson

The content is rich, meaningful, timely. Love having weekly live classes and the chance to ask questions and have them answered.

- Olivia Bethea

I have felt compelled to do more here than in any other program I have participated in. 

I find your daily prompt emails to be so so so important. I have been in a few other transformation programs, but yours has had the most heart. I have felt the most safe here with you and everyone in this group and I have felt compelled to do more here than in any other program I have participated in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have shared with us and provide for us. I am forever grateful!

- Tamra Wade 

Do Your Dream Workshop registration is now closed

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Tara-Nicholle Nelson is a creator, an uplifter and a three-time author, most recently of The Transformational Consumer.  

Tara is the Founder and CEO of SoulTour, a personal growth school where leaders, creators and uplifters do their Inner Work. Tara created and leads SoulTour's 30 Day Writing Challenges and School of Upliftment.

Formerly, Tara was an attorney, an Entrepreneur in Residence with Lightspeed Venture Partners and the chief marketer for MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Connected Fitness, the world’s largest digital health platform.  

Tara is a sought-after speaker at events like SxSw and Wanderlust, and she’s been featured in The New York Times, Essence, Forbes and Harvard Business Review. 

Recently, Tara was named the #1 woman Silicon Valley tech companies should be naming to their boards by Business Insider and one of the world’s Top Conscious Business Leaders by Conscious Company Magazine.


Q: When and where does this workshop take place? The Do Your Dream workshop is 100% online. It takes place from March 11th through March 31st, 2019, though you will receive Kickoff and Onramp materials before that and Follow-Through support resources afterwards. 

You will have access to all program materials until March 31, 2020. 

Q: I don’t like to watch online videos. Is there another way to access the materials? Most DYD program materials are available in text, audio and video. All videos are also available as audio downloads so you can listen to them pod-cast style.  

Q: Can I buy this as a gift? Yes! Contact us at [email protected] to give this program to a loved one, mate or colleague.

Q: Can I start this workshop after March 11th? We don't currently have another workshop scheduled until January 2020.  

Q: I’ve already started working on my book or blog but stalled out. Can this help me get back in motion? Absolutely. This program will spark momentum no matter where you are in the timeline of working on your goal.  

Q: What is the time commitment? That’s up to you. We don’t give you a bunch of random “homework” and we don’t want you to spend all your precious time watching videos, so we’ll keep it concise. 

Most people will spend somewhere between 2 and 5 hours a week for the three weeks, to participate in the coaching sessions, do the morning ritual, and complete the baby step action items and weekly sprints on your dream or goal.

The way we’ll teach you to work is so efficient that you’ll make as much as 10X-100X the progress on your goals as you normally would in that same time.  

Q: What if I miss a live session? Will they be recorded? Yes - all live sessions will be recorded and replays available to participants in both video and audio format.  

Q: How long will I have access to materials? Materials will be accessible until March 31, 2020.  

Q: When will you offer this program again? January of 2020.  

Q: I’ve done the Writing Challenge. How is this program different? This program offers Prompts of the Day like the Writing Challenge, but that's about where the similarities end:

  • DYD Writing Prompts of the Day (PODs) are much shorter than the Writing Challenge Prompts. 
  • In DYD, I will prompt you to do less free-writing or general journaling and more exercises and real-life actions tailored to your vision and removing your inner roadblocks to creating it.
  • DYD emails walk you through a complete morning ritual that includes meditation, too. 
  • DYD has a live instruction component that we aren’t able to offer in the free challenge.  
  • Unlike in the Writing Challenge, most of your DYD time will not be spent writing for spiritual practice - it’ll be spent taking action on your real life vision or goal, instead. 

Q: I’m “multi-passionate” - I have so many dream projects I don’t even know where to begin. Does this program offer any help for that? This is true for the vast majority of our students. 

We will spend some time helping you define the goal you want to work on with specificity before Do Your Dream even starts. Just make sure you:

  • Complete the Bonus 2018-2019 Transition Doc before you start Do Your Dream
  • Attend, watch or listen to the replay of my March 5th Intention-Setting Workshop before you start Do Your Dream.

You'll get an invite shortly after registering for DYD, and we'll post the replay to the membership site no later than March 11th.

Q: My dream project will definitely take more than 21 days to complete, and follow-through is always an issue for me. Most people are in this situation. The program comes with a number of bonus resources to help you follow through, included a Follow-Through planning session and 4 quarterly Follow-Through coaching sessions.  

Additionally, this program is incredible preparation for several other SoulTour programs that offer continued, intensive, subject matter-specific guidance, like our 90 day Boot Camp and our ongoing membership School of Upliftment.  

Q: I’m not a leader, a creative or a genius per se. Is this program for me? Do you lead your life? Your family? Your friendships and relationships? Then you’re a leader.  

Do you know you have the ability to have an idea or think a thought about something that doesn’t currently exist, then cause that thing to exist? Then you’re a creator. All humans are.  

One last thing: only someone with a brilliant inner genius that’s just itching to be let out would read this far into the FAQs. So I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from there. :) 

I don't want it to end!! :) This has been so refreshing, provocative, and eye-opening for me. Thank you Tara-Nicholle Nelson for lending your words and spirit to this group.

- Blair Casey

This is a much better start to my day than scrolling Twitter  

Feeling very alive … this is a much better start to my day than scrolling Twitter for the latest outrageous and maddening news. Being an informed citizen does not have to be all-consuming. I can do more with a positive attitude and charged heart than I'll ever achieve with an angry retweet at 5:30 in the morning.

- Stephanie Lee

I now feel much more self-confident and less anxious about the future.

- Julia Graves