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Get my purpose-driven blueprint for 2020 goals that get momentum by February and motivate you all year! 

Tara-Nicholle Nelson's 2nd Annual New Year's Intention-Setting Workshop

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I'll show you how to:  

  • Stop procrastinating and mute your Inner Critic
  • Get momentum by February
  • Step into your power and stay motivated all year long, and
  • Bring 100% of yourself to the world in 2020! 

Free online workshop led by SoulTour CEO Tara-Nicholle Nelson, "The Woman Behind MyFitnessPal" 


You'll Learn:

  • How to specifically phrase your goals to spark motivation, not struggle 
  • The single-most important goal you need to set first  
  • A delicious self-care routine that gives you increasing energy and focus as the year goes on  
  • Proven strategies for sticking with your meditation and journaling routines, maybe for the first time ever!  
  • How to upgrade scarcity and old Inner Critic thinking so you can see your inspired next steps light up before you  
  • A proven process for turning your intentions into action — that you can use over and over again  
  • The spiritual reason discipline and deadlines don’t work in the long run...and what does
  • An action plan for the first 21 days of 2020 to turn your goals into momentum, fast!  
  • Exactly what you need to put in place to get a running start toward your 2020 vision of health, wealth, love and success! 


New Year's Intention-Setting Workshop

Thursday, Jan 2nd at 10am PT, 1 pm ET

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When: Thursday, January 2nd at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET


Last year's workshop participants said: 

Tanya wrote me this note, right afterwards:


@tamvanhorn could really relate to my own story… she wrote:

“You are telling so many of our stories right now!!!”  

Kirsten said:

“Thank you Tara- Nicholle. You always deliver action steps. SO very grateful. recommended a few people to this program today, saw a few names, and I hope everyone got something golden. I know I did.Thank you.” 

Danni said:

“Thank you! Was a stretch from Australia at 6am, but worth it!”  

And here's the progress update I got in December 2019 from a woman who came to my New Year's workshop last year:

“Tara, I had to share this with you. I was scrolling through my iPad and came across 2 documents: my goals for 2019 and my intentions for 2019. I have not looked at these since January of this year when you went through the exercises with us. I followed your directions. I typed out each goal and intention from my heart after my morning practice (one on the 3rd of January and the other on the 5th).  

Your method was very different from what I was used to, but I did it the way you taught us. Do you know that I have done exactly what I wrote in both documents even though I have not looked back at it since January??? Now please note that this is the first time I have ever accomplished every goal and intention without working hard at it (actually the first time accomplishing even half of my goals period). I actually forgot about the documents!  

I have to say THANK YOU.... I feel so accomplished and didn’t even realize all that I have done (many of the accomplishments were moments of clarity that I am so excited to have). I am ending this year feeling free, clear, open, accomplished, amazed, joyful, loving, helped, prosperous, HEALTHY(er), and totally EXCITED and running over with EXPECTATION!!!  

I am truly creating a life that I love to look at and that I love living!!!”