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The 90-Day Accelerator for Purpose-Driven Books

Next session starts April 9, 2018


Brilliant Ones,

Welcome to my newest adventure: One Quarter Book—the 90-day accelerator for purpose driven books.

This program is not for writers. It’s for transformational leaders and conscious creators who are ready to write their purpose-driven books now.

Writing a book on your own can be completely overwhelming. I know this because I’ve written 3 books myself while raising kids and leading companies.

In One-Quarter Book, aka 1QB, I’ve created a structure for book writing experience in which you can create the first draft of your book with ease and flow in 90 days.

The best part of this program isn’t even the book you’ll have written by the end. The program itself is deeply transformational. By the end, you’ll be attracting unparalleled opportunities, whether you sell a million copies of your book or you give just 1 copy to the just-right person.

Ready to let your book out now? Excellent. Join me.

Head up + heart out,

Whether you haven’t written Word #1 or you’re about to edit the first draft of your manifesto, in The One Quarter Book program, you will:

Opt into a system, structure and community for writing your book.

Deactivate angst and overwhelm with a clear, real-time process and live cohort of fellow conscious leaders.

Stop spinning.

Escape the tyranny of perfectionism and uncertainty about what to write next.

Walk fully into your true calling.

Start boldly bringing your perfectly flawed self to the world. Craft your Core Message in your own original voice.

Trigger creativity and flow.

Maintain momentum until your book is done.

Get your book done, this year.

Create an Amazon five-star-worthy, transformational book, now.

Program Details

Real-Time Coaching

  • 6 Bi-Monthly Masterclass-style Writing Workshops
  • 3 LIVE Video Group Coaching + Ask Me Anything Sessions
  • Unlimited email Q+A

Live Cohort & Collective

  • Private online community for your cohort/session
  • Support and accountability
  • Opportunities for post-program collaboration
  • Lifelong access to materials

FlowStorm™ System

  • Sprint-based project sequence
  • Weekly Writing Sprints and Challenges
  • Daily Prompts and Nudges help you find flow
  • Momentum triggers and trackers

My Proven, Personal Templates + Tools

  • Purpose-Driven Book Outline Template
  • 90-Day Book Creation Action Plan
  • Chapter Guides and Tutorials

Your adventure begins April 9, 2018.

“I thought that I would be paralyzed by my perfectionist tendencies, but I love this challenge.”

Having been the textbook perfectionist all my life, I’m stunned that I wake up each morning excited to read the POD. I thought that I would be paralyzed by my perfectionist tendencies, but I love this challenge. I love the quiet time sitting and listening for the words to come.

Chance Gabby Miller

“What mattered is the measure of freedom that moved through me.”

Tonight the block lifted and I wrote and wrote and wrote. Not sure of the word count. It wasn’t what mattered tonight. What mattered is the measure of freedom that moved through me. I am so thankful for Tara-Nicholle Nelson and her challenges and for everyone in this group who is in the arena slugging it out. Thank you for sharing yourselves and a safe space to create and celebrate creation. I don’t take this for granted!

Tamra Wade

“It was really empowering to start a book I have had brewing in me for 20 years.”

It was really empowering to start a book I have had brewing in me for 20 years. I actually think I have something meaningful to say, and this was a safe place to explore that. I am grateful.

Andrea Gordon

“I’ve been waking up at 5:30 am naturally with excitement to write.”

I ended with a free flowing 1401 words today, waking up at 5:30 am naturally with excitement to write, and feeling very inspired with this prompt. I’m positive, and looking forward to the future, thinking about how my heart needs to be client services, and my mind needs to stick to operations, and the business of being me will work just fine 🙂 Thank you again to all of my fellow writers — this has been a beautiful and uplifting experience.

Dania Jimenez

“While writing today, I felt something come alive in me that I hadn’t felt in years. Still seems like I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I only wrote 523 words but they were some of my most REAL thoughts to hit paper in a very long time. What a great release! I’m so excited about this journey.”


Graduate of Tara’s Writing Challenge

Led by Tara-Nicholle Nelson

I’ve written 3 books myself. Each one changed my life. But the book I wrote last year changed me.

I turned on a creative flow that hasn’t turned off yet, because I know how to use that momentum to power anything I want to create. I connected the dots between my twisty life history, my current vision and my purpose moving forward.

I told dozens of my own stories. I created a framework and named my method in a way that I can teach it in a Stanford Business School classroom, get paid to consult and speak about it, and write it up in Harvard Business Review. I have since done every one of these things.

Most importantly, I created a book that engages and transforms the people who read it. Here’s the secret: I built the book on the narrative arc of the age-old Hero’s Journey archetype, the most engaging story format to the human brain.

Every story you’ve ever read or movie you’ve ever watched that captivated you was built on the Hero’s Journey archetype.

Filmmakers use it. Fiction writers use it. But almost no one ever uses it to write purpose-driven books.

But I did. And then everything changed. Not only did the book I’d been struggling with get very good, but the writing came fast and flow-fully.

Then I spent the next year using the experience to build a new way for turning your stories, insights and approach into a book, quickly and with so much ease the whole project becomes transformational FOR YOU, not just your readers and your industry.

The One Quarter Book is that way.

Let’s talk timing.

The best time to enroll in this program is any point after you have an idea for a purpose-driven book and before the final draft of the book is done.

If you follow the course materials as I release them in real-time, you will have a solid first draft of your book done in 90 days.

I’ve kept the time you’ll actually be watching or listening to my instruction to the absolute minimum you’ll need to get your book done in the time you have. Most of the time you’ll need to invest into 1QB will be spent actually writing your book.

You will also have lifetime access to the 1QB content. If you you’d rather be on a six-month or year-long program for writing this brilliant book of yours, or if some big life thing happens while you’re working through this, you can space the course out and work it at your own pace.

Focus on Flow.

This program is about getting a brilliant, beautiful, transformational, purpose-driven book out of your mind and your heart, and into the world.

It’s not about how to self-publish, or how to market your book, or how to find a publisher. There are tons of other programs out there about all of those things, and we’re happy to help you find those programs. Many of those programs say that they will take you from idea to bestseller, but they sort of gloss over the bit about how to actually write the book, and so it’s easy to get stuck in that solitary wilderness of what to write on any given day, especially if you don’t think of yourself as a writer.

Here’s the secret to unlocking your inner writer. You must first know that your brain works in several different modes in the course of a book project: flow mode, edit mode, project mode, management mode and execution mode.

These modes require very different resources, and energies. Most of us find it difficult or impossible to switch back and forth between these modes, and even if we can, it might take hours or days to make that switch.

Edit mode, project mode, management mode and execution mode are relatively easy to get into, because they tend to be the modes we operate in on a daily basis, just in the course of living our lives, running our businesses, working everyday and raising our families.

But flow mode? Flow mode is elusive. It’s precious. It can be challenging to get into, though I’ll guide you there. And it’s even more challenging to get back into, from edit or project mode. So once you’re there, on your book project, I recommend you stay there. Protect that flow, once you have it. If you harness it to get the book draft done in a structured way you won’t need to be there for too terribly long.

1Q will get you into flow mode on your book project and keep it going long enough to get it out. Once that’s done, you’ll find a massive amount of energy will free up. You can pour that into edit mode and project mode, and harness it into the important tasks of polishing, publishing, marketing and launching your book, after the book is done.

1Q|1B guides, instructs and keeps you on track through the hardest part of putting a book out into the world: creating a book that beautifully shares your Core Message and your stories, a book you love and can be proud of. A book that will change your career, change your readers, and change you, in the process of creating it.

Your Adventure begins April 9, 2018

“I’m really grateful for how this writing challenge has cleaned up my thinking.”

I broke the 30,000 word mark today and am really grateful for how this writing challenge has cleaned up my thinking. It also makes it clear that showing up to write will create tangible material. As an artist who is a writer, it was really important for me to reconnect with the simple action of writing, and the accumulated evidence of cause and effect.

Lisa Rae Cunningham

“Thanks to you, Tara, I’m becoming a better writer.”

Tonight was absolutely eye opening. I realized that the bad feeling that I get when I write or speak is the impostor syndrome. Thanks to you, Tara, I’m becoming a better writer. You have caused me to think about why I do some things and what causes me not to do others. I will always need a good editor but that should not and will not stop me from pouring out of me the messages that God has placed in me. I will let nothing stop me from pouring out of me and into others. Again: thank you, Tara.

Charles N. Holiday

“I’ve never written this much. EVER.”

Generally, when I feel the urge to write I get out what I need to say in about a page. But today’s prompt has brought out a different side of writing. I’m four pages in and still have more to say. I’ve never written this much. EVER. It’s raw and honest.

Rae B. Bernie

“I broke through the box that I set for myself and wrote freely like never before!”

So, I was torn between being the “rule following” HR professional I am or sticking to the plan I had made for myself….Then my lovely daughter hit play on the two minute video you, sent out with your daily email, and you said a leading creative block is perfectionism! It was in the moment, I broke through the box that I set for myself and wrote freely like never before!

Rachel Steele

About Tara

Tara-Nicholle Nelson is the Founder and CEO of SoulTour and Author of The Transformational Consumer: Fuel a Lifelong Love Affair With Customers by Helping Them Get Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2017).

In her 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders, Tara has taught over 5,000 transformational leaders and conscious creators to use writing as a spiritual and personal growth practice, helping them bring 100% of themselves to the world.

Back in the day, Tara was VP, Marketing for MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Connected Fitness. She has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Essence and The New York Times and was recently named the #1 woman Silicon Valley tech companies should be naming to their boards by Business Insider.